Zhongshan- Your Perfect Travel Destination


Whether you are a habitual traveler or someone who is looking for a vacation, Zhongshan can be the perfect place for you! Located in the Guangdong Province, Zhonghshan City or as it was once known as Xiangshan, is fast becoming a developed city.

Considering the Chinese Standards, Zhongshan is a small city. It's traditional language is Cantonese, but people of this city are fluent in Mandarin as well.  Recently, there has been a lot of development here, as a result of which it has been nominated for a number of things, like the National Clean City and also as the National Garden City of China.

Zhongshan City is known for its cultural heritage, and it has some breathtaking natural surroundings as well, which are a major attraction for tourists. The food of this place is also delicious; you will not be able to resist the Shiqi Pigeon and other such delicacies. Zhongshan City is relatively a quite city. The great Chinese revolutionist, Sun Yat-Sen, was born in a small part of this city, and as a token of appreciation for all his hard work, the city was called Zhongshan, which was the family name of Sun Yat-sen. Not only this, but there were several museums constructed in his honor, and a street was named after him too. If history intrigues you then you must visit Sun Yat-Sen’s Memorial Hall which is located in the city centre and the Museum of Dr.Sun Yat Sen which stands in his birth place, the Cuiheng Village.  The Sun Wen Xi Road is actually a pedestrian street and this street, too, celebrates Sun Yat-Sen. The street is rich in cultural value and is decorated with murals and sculptures that are very lifelike. These three places are considered to be in the Top Ten Views of Zhongshan City List. The remaining seven destinations, include the peak of Wugui Mountain and the Yangtze River.

This city is also famous for its Chrysanthemums! For several hundred years, the Xiaolan County of Zhongshan is said to have the most beautiful chrysanthemums belonging to every family. The county looks extremely beautiful during autmun. Another of the top ten views of this place is Xinzhong Dao, which is considered to be an important transportation hub of the city. It is taken as a political, cultural, educational and scientific centre of the city.

The city also has a beautiful Sun Yat-sen Park of Zhongshan, which is located on the Xinzhong Zhuijin. The park is successful in attracting many people by its variety vegetations. And the best part about this park is that you can entre it without any entrance fee! It is an ideal place for you to rest your tired, aching feet, for a while. Zhongshan cannot be compared to other famous tourist spots of China, but the simplicity of this city comes across as very charming, making it an ideal place for you to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

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