Zhongshan-An Amazing Place to Visit This Summer


In the south of Pearl River Delta, Guangdong province of China is the historic prefecture-level city of Zhongshan (previously Xiangshan).  This city is among those few cities of China having an eponymous name - being named after Dr. Sun Zhongshan. He was one of the founders of the People's Republic of China.

People in Guangdong province of China region speak Cantonese.  Historically speaking, the city was inhabited by the Yue peoples and geographically is situated at the western side of Pearl River Delta, to its east is located Shenzhen and Hong Long, at the north of Macau and Zhuhai and to the south of Guangzhou.

It is a prime tourism place in the country and enjoys its worth as a centre of global attraction. Spending your vacations in Zhongshan would be a brilliant idea as the city is full of tourist opportunities and its inhabitants are hospitable enough to make your visit worthwhile. The city offers travelers a rejoicing trip and facilitates them with variety f fun loving activities through Zhongshan Guangfeng Shui Tour, Cuizhulin Drafting Paradise, Qijiang Boat Cruise, Zhongshan Spring Spa and much more.

The moment you reach at Zhongshan, you will find an air of comfort and joy. The beautiful scenic splendour would be there to mesmerise your nerves, and you will feel like heavenly. Since there  is a good number of hotels and resorts, so lavish accommodation would not be a problem for you, but in fact the confusing point would revolve around choosing the best hotel. We can help you by naming the most renowned residing options here. Hilton Zhongshan Downtown, Sheraton Zhongshan Hotel and King Century Hotel are rated as top 3 from the huge list.

“Zhongshan is marvelous”, this is what the international tourists think when they see it. Out of 47 major tourist spots, 15 are dedicated to outdoor activities, fun and frolics while 11 exhibit cultural traditions. Chung Shan Hot Spring Golf Club, Zimaling Park, Wuguishan Xiaoyao Canyon, Sunzhongshan Memorial Hall, Zhongshan Fufeng Wen Tour, Luosanmei Mountain and Qijiang Park are a few famous attractions, you must explore and enjoy.

Famous is the Zhongshan Museum which was built in 1984. It is here to help the tourists know more and more about the revolutionary history and cultural relics of the city. With 8000+ cultural relics, the museum is indeed a must see.

The food inspiration here comes from Cantonese. For food lovers, the best restaurant and dining out choices are Portofino Ristorante Italiano, Harbour City Restaurants, Lingnan Renjia, Gang Jun Restaurant and As Xuan Casserole Congee. The famous dishes here are Shiqi Pigeonneau, Zhongshan Liang Yi Chicken, Huangpu Cured Meat and Xiaolan Fried Fish. Also don't forget to get the delicious Almond Cakes offered by Juxiangyuan. A trip to Zhongshan Food Street is a highly recommended to you especially if you want to taste both the Chinese and Western cuisines. At one place,  you can enjoy Yue Cuisine, Chuan Cuisine and Xiang Cuisine. Apart from eating, tourists love to come here to experience the lively and energetic atmosphere.

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