Zambia – A Friendly African Destination


Zambia is a country in southern Africa, with a very rich and interesting culture famous for big cats, untouched wildness and natural beauty. Legendary African country with huge wild life, waterfalls and safari, Zambia is a complete tourist destination. Zambia offers unforgettable vacation destination for adventure lovers and natural explorers.

Zambia offers world’s best excursions and is rated as one of the safest places to go on a holiday. People of the country are so welcoming and peace loving, they are famous for their hospitality and harmony.

The best safari experience ever can be witnessed by visiting the plains and forest of Zambia; face to face encounters with the most wild and fierce wild life on the planet .It has over 30% of its land allocated for national parks, one of them is the south Luangwa park famous for canoeing safari, mobile safari and interesting  hunt games. It has huge stock of some of the spectacular wild life and natural scenes; it not only covers wild animals but birds and aquatic animals too. You can enjoy to the fullest and take back your memories by clicking pictures known as photographic safari.

Amazing waterfalls exhibit stunning natural trills for people belonging to all age group may it be grandfather of age 70 or a baby of age 9 everyone loves to be splashed in cold water experiencing some life time moments to be cherished for the whole upcoming life. Zambia has seventeen waterfalls in its boundaries including Victoria fall. It even provides a chance to visit the rural areas of the region. The extravagant Victoria fall presents an inspiring sight forming the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. The great movements of water can be seen from miles spraying water droplets to the people nearby which makes it an eye catching scene for the tourist.

It is very important for a tourist to get information regarding the country they visit in addition to the experience itself. People of Zambia have great festivals to celebrate all the year round, full of colors and startling cultural stuff. Zambia’s population is over all divided into 70 different tribes thus a wide range of cultures exists there.

You will experience some vast lakes in Zambia, despite being landlocked it’s a country blessed with water resources and some huge lakes. It has the world’s largest lake; the Lake Tanganyika lapping in over thousand of species beneath. The lake also has accommodation facilities as people are busy in water games and tropical fishing. It’s all over surrounded by mountains and portrays a very unique and beautiful natural story.

Zambia is a very peaceful and beautiful country to spend your vacations in; it consists of some happening places with unique natural features. Looking at wild life so close and even safely is only possible in a country like Zambia. It’s a place worth visiting.

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