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york united kingdom

The United Kingdom is a must visit place with many beautiful countries like England, Scotland and Wales. Of these England is the most popular. Home to many cities, counties, villages and towns, England have always impressed the world with its diverse culture. One such city situated in this beautiful sporting nation is York. York is a walled city and is situated at a distance of 21 kms from the famous city of Leeds. York is a city of historical and political importance and there are many Gothic cathedrals and historic places that are a proof of the same.York plays an important part in the history of the Roman Empire and was founded in 71 AD by Romans who initially named it Eboracum. This small city is famous for sharing its name with New York in the United States of America and is the second most visited city after London in England and ranked together with Manchester on the chart.

The most famous attraction in York is the, a huge and beautiful cathedral. It is said to be the largest cathedral in the entire north region of Europe with the towers up to 200 feet high. This cathedral is the seat of the Archbishop of York and nearly thousands of tourists visit this magnificent cathedral that is an architectural marvel in itself.York Minster is home to many hidden treasures;The Minster is the first witness to the rise and fall of Roman Empire in England as it was built in the Anglo-Saxon period.

Clifford Tower was first built by William, but later rebuilt in the thirteenth century by Henry III. This tower is a symbol of power that the medieval Kings had in England. The second most visited tourist attraction, this tower is one of the most enjoyable historic places in England as there is a lot of greenery surrounding the tower where one can relax and get a great view of the exquisite surroundings. Clifford Tower stands at a great height in the town center overlooking the major part of the city and provides panoramic and breathtaking views of York and neighboring countryside.

An award-winning museum is present in the heart of York, known as York Castle Museum or the Eye of York. This popular museum offers beautiful exhibitions that include Half Moon Court, an Edwardian themed street and Kirkgate, a Victorian styled street. This place is appealing to people of all age groups and there are ancient Gothic and Roman themed costumes available for young and old alike.

The National Railway Museum is the second of the four museums present in York. Situated at Leeman Road, this museum is the largest railway museum in the entire world and attracts large number of visitors from all around the world. Consisting of examples of railway masterpieces and up to 300 trains including locomotives, steam engines and even bullet trains, this museum exhibits the history of the world and British railways. You can get a chance to experience the feeling in the Queen of England’s luxurious travelling saloon, Topaz.

Another important museum is the Yorkshire Museum. This museum boasts of some of the finest and rare collections of archaeological and geographical findings not only from York or England, but also various parts of the world. This is an ideal place for archaeological enthusiasts and more than 500 tourists visit this museum on a daily basis.

The Mickelgate Bar Museum is another wonderful and eye-catching place. Here, you can visit the ancient gateway and explore the pageantry and barbaric history of the city of York which has unfolded between the walls of this ancient Gothic city through the centuries.

Jorvik Viking Center is another not to miss place as it offers the best value for money with more than 16 million visitors having visited this marvelous place since its inception in 1984. The visitor gets to know the journey on the streets about 1000 years ago as Jorvik presents a reconstruction of the Viking-Age.

Apart from such marvelous cathedrals and museums, York has many other attractive places of interest. This includes the Museum Gardens, which is a great picnic spot, the York Dungeon, which is a scary and gory pathway that depicts the historical Roman battles and the bloodshed. York Maze is considered the largest maze in the world and the specialty of this maze is that the entire maze is made up of maize.

A never to miss opportunity is touring the city on a bus or a boat. Many tourists prefer The York boat Tour and The York Sightseeing bus as they offer beautiful views of this small city. The York boat tour takes you through the river Ouse and it provides a unique perspective of this ancient city. You can also hire self-drive boats.

Reaching York is not difficult, as travelers mostly prefer a car or a bus to reach York from neighboring cities of England. Also railways connect York to many major cities of the United Kingdom. For international visitors, airways are convenient and the airport nearest to York is the Leeds-Bradford International Airport, which is 31 miles from the main city center.

As for transportation in York, you can either hire a car or a cycle to tour the streets all by yourself. York is a very cycle-friendly city and there are exclusive riding routes for cycle enthusiasts.  Other option is the bus that connects all major places in York and is an affordable choice. You can also choose to travel by foot to experience the life in York.

York is gaining popularity as one of the most prominent tourist cities in England and as a result many hotels and accommodation options are available suiting each and every budget. From luxurious hotels like the Welburn Lodge and The Royal York Hotel that makes you splurge a lot from your pocket to budget accommodations like Ace Hostel and Barrington House that are a perfect value for money hotels.You can dine at the various beautiful high-end restaurants that serves multi-cuisine. There are also various shopping arcades where you can shop as per your needs.


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