Yellowstone: A Heaven for Tourists


With lush green surroundings and exotic waters, Yellowstone is surely a visitor’s haven. Its nature refreshes you every time you take a walk beside the beautiful mountains and waterfalls. The Yellowstone National Park is an internationally acclaimed treasure which offers an incredible experience. This is the oldest largest and most popular national park in the world. There are very less places on earth encapsulating such beauty.

Yellowstone Lake

There are 5 entrances to the park. If you enter from the eastern side you will immediately notice the souring peaks of Absaroka Range. This spectacular national park is the oldest in the world and is visited by more than 3 million tourists annually. Soon you will be encountered by the Yellowstone Lake which is the largest water body in the park. On its northern tip it is fed and drained by Yellowstone River where you will spot a fabulous fishing bridge. The river takes a plunge in the massive Grand Canyon which is about 1200 feet deep and over 20 miles long. This very point is very famous and is captured in Thomas Moran’s painting which now hangs in the white house.

Network of hiking Trails, Valleys and Wildlife

Do you love hiking? Well if you have never been to Yellowstone then you are missing out on a life changing experience. The network of hiking trails caters for some mesmerising view points. Sit, relax and just bask in the ambience of its natural beauty. The park contains many open valleys such as Lamar valley situated in the park’s northeast. You can venture on packhorse treks for guided camping tours as you enjoy the heart of Yellowstone’s tranquil wilderness. This valley also serves the purpose of protecting the endangered American Bison. It is a splendid habitat for more than 60 species of big mammals. You will spot a lot of Elks, grizzly bears and a lot of other animals.

Old faithful Inn and Geyser

Designed by Robert C Reamer a very popular American architect, this is truly a masterpiece of rustic architecture and craftsmanship. The building is mostly log and wood frame structures that are used in gigantic proportions with 7 stories and a length of 700 feet. There are different vantage points from where you can enjoy the views of this gigantic masterpiece, which is also the largest log hotel in the world. Take a stroll from the inn and notice the Beehive geyser. It is named as Beehive Geyser because of its striking similarity to a Beehive. It is a very major Geyser that erupts in a jet formation. The mere sight is awe-inspiring. It shoots out about fourteen to thirty two thousand litres of water in every eruption. The Old Faithful is indeed the most important symbol of the park and a perfect place to end your journey.

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