Wuxi a unique water village


The water village:

Wuxi is an old and beautiful city in the province Jiangsu of China. This city is gorgeous and is often called the water village by many because this city is split into two parts by a lake. The lake is Lake Tai. Since the city has been divided into halves, both of them give a different look to each sides of the lake. This city has been known for the business people who have made great efforts regarding business improvement in shanghai.

The city hugely benefits for having water right in the middle. The water gives the people enough sea food, salt and all other necessary things they can get from water. It also helps balance the warmth in the city. The lake is full of alluvium which makes the plain fertile and easy to grow crops. There are huge deposits of limestone within the lake and at the banks too. The nearby places to the lake have become one of the most visited places of the city as the weather there is pleasant and enjoyable.

Climate being improved by water:

This water village gets all the benefits it could from its inner lake.  The water has a great impact on the climate. In the summers, the water makes the climate humid and pleasant with occasional winds. It rains heavily in the monsoon which makes this city envious for all the nearby hot areas. In the winters, the water freezes from the top layers and makes the weather chilly but enjoyable.

Irrigation and agriculture of the city are improved now that people have learned how to get advantage of their inter-city lake. There are houses built right near the banks of the lake and people can often view the lake from their house windows.

Beauty and comfort:

The houses made near the lake are extremely beautiful. They are made out of wood and bricks to keep them strong in case of floods. The windows of the houses are made huge so that people can enjoy the pleasant weather from their windows, as well. Bridges are made in order to cross the lake from one colony to another. These bridges are made out of hard marble and stone.

People can also take their boats into the lake and enjoy the humidity sipping their favorite wines. Personal boats are not allowed at most of the areas, but there are other boats lying along the banks of the lake for people to rent them and enjoy the water. The lake has become a dating spot for most of the young lovers. The banks of the lake have also become a picnic spot for many children who love to enjoy the weather and eat in the fresh air. There is beauty, freshness and comfort in this city. The Lake Tai has become a touristic attraction for people who come from deserted or dry areas and want to enjoy the water and humidity. This city has been one of the favorite places in China due to its naturally unique position and geography.

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