Wu Zhen The exhibition place

Wu Zhen

Wu Zhen lies in the north of Hangzhou in the Zhejiang Province. This area covers the distance of 72 square kilo meters. It has a total population of 60,000 people with 12,000 permanent residents. This town has been divided into 4 parts splitting the place into a crossed shaped river.

Wu Zhen is one of the ancient water towns of the country. Water flows through the flagstone streets into alleys. The Hangzhou river keeps the waterways of Wu Zhen topped with water. This water is supplied to the northern side along with the southern side and local goods are transported over this river.

Wu Zhen is unfortunately the last water town left in China. It is also known as the Venice of the East. This place is flooded with boutiques, bridges, restaurants as well as hotels. The network created by the town joins the Beijing Hangzhou cannel which is one of the longest canals of the world.

A great thing about Wu Zhen is that over time, the name, water system as well as a way of life of this town has not been changed. Most of the significant cultural relics of China are still seen in this town. You can see clear traditions here. People call Wu Zhen a living museum.

The old water town Wu Zhen is famous for its Shadow Plays. In this play, hand crafted patterns, shadow puppets and many other types of puppets are found moving freely.  The shadow plays here in this town are extremely popular.

The East Street here is immensely prevalent too. More than seven thousand households have been established in this street. Who are engaged in handicraft which is admired by not only the locals but also the tourist and other visitors.

You can also find the best exhibition centers in the old water town Wu Zhen. The most famous ones are the hundred Bed museums and wood carving museum. If you are interested in buying stuff made from silk then do visit the Yida Silk Store.

When it comes to eating and drinking than the old water town Wu Zhen is active in delivering mouthwatering cuisine also. Seafood is the soul of this water town.  The locals here love eating steam fish. The seafood dishes are not the only items that are popular you can also find other delicious mutton dishes here too. The famous desert known as Gusao Cake is one of the traditional dishes of this place.

A liquor is made from rice known as Sanbai is also famous here. You are free to take the tour of the Sanbai Wine Workshop for seeing how this liquor is made. There are plenty of places to stay in this town too. Apart from guest houses, there are clubhouses and hotels to stay in too. A good thing is that your stay will be great as you will feel as if you are staying at your home. If you have come to China, then don’t forget exploring this amazing place.

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