The usual image people have of international bridges is one of massiveness and length. Look at the King Fahd Causeway for instance; the world’s longest international bridge that links Saudi Arabia to the Kingdom of Bahrain. Or you could look at the 2.8 mile long Sault St. Marie International Bridge that links Canada with the United States. But who could have thought that among the list of such magnanimous international bridges, there would be one that extends a mere 10 meters!

The famous Thousand Islands archipelago is already famed for a lot of other reason; housing literally thousands of small islands that are already a popular tourist site. But there is another physically small, but otherwise impressive attraction there. Locals claim to house the world’s smallest international bridge that is a mere 32 feet long and brings a lot of visitors to the place by itself.

Connecting the twin Zavikon Islands, it is a foot bridge that is allegedly the smallest in the world. It is believed by quite a few tourists that the bigger of the twin Zavikon Islands is in Canada while the smaller island in the US –thus leading to the belief that the connecting foot bridge is of international stature.

Contrary to common belief, this is something that has been refuted by the US Department of Defense which states that both islands fall inside the Canadian borders –something that is supported by Google Maps. On the other hand, there is another contender for the aforementioned title; a footbridge that apparently falls exactly on the borderline of Poland and the Czech Republic –this is still just a claim. But the story does not end just there; there’s still evidence that denies the more recent information from the US Department of Defense. Some of the old images made back in time suggest that the islands were not considered to be a part of Canada as a whole.

The pictures depict Canadian, and American flags hoisted on the larger and smaller island respectively –something that shows an existence of a border between them in the past. Regardless of all that, the place is still one of the special attractions at the Thousand Islands.

Especially because it is known that the islands which house such a historical bridge are privately owned. It is said that the Zavikon islands belonged to a family who actually built this bridge so that the smaller island could be used as their backyard. Shadowed between trees from both sides, its a wooden bridge that gives almost romantic view. Colored in white it gives an eye catching contrast with the surrounding blue that spreads around the islands.Visiting the St. Lawrence River is one of the best options that tourists from around the region have.

Although it is due to the one of a kind collection of miniature islands in the region, but the Zavikon Islands Bridge certainly has unusual popularity among the tourists. It’s a definite stop for vacationers who are planning a visit to the Lawrence River, the Thousand Islands or other places around NYC or Quebec.

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