Wondrous Places of Riyadh


Riyadh holds the privilege of being the capital of Saudi Arabia. This city is a wonderful combination of old traditions and modernity. Though the city is considered to be a business destination, still it has a lot to offer to its visitors.

Kingdom tower Riyadh is the tallest building in the capital and is built in the shape of a bottle opener; it is truly a marvel of modern engineering. Women love this place because there are a lot of shops where they can spend money. This mall is owned by Prince Waleed Bin Talal, who also happens to be one of the wealthiest men on the planet. The mall's elevator is considered to be the world's fastest elevator. The View from the top of mall is simply breathtaking and it seems like the whole city is under your watch.

Masmak Fort is another must visit place in the capital. It stands close to the famous justice square and looks a bit odd, among all those modern buildings which surround this fort. This fort was built in 1865 by Daba'an clan. It has been preserved as a reminder that Saudi Arabia was once ruled by a Non-Saudi ruler. Fort has a simple architecture and is built up of red bricks.

Without a desert safari, trip to Saudi Arabia is considered incomplete. Only twenty five kilometer from the city center is located the Dirab Desert. It is not a typical desert with creamy color sand. In fact the color of sand in this desert is mostly red and the desert is surrounded by mountains, which give it an awe-inspiring look. A famous but notorious spot is also located in the desert, which is known as The End of the World. It is strongly advised, that you go there with a person who already has been there, as the tracks are tricky and you might end up lost in the desert so do take a local with you. Desert is accessible through a steep road which was built by Bin Laden Group.

Riyadh is a conservative yet modern city and is a perfect amalgam of both. Being a business hub of the country it has a lot of five stars hotels and motels. Restaurants here are famous for their food. Don’t forget to visit Riyadh if you come to Saudi Arabia.

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