The Wonderful City of Bath

City of Bath

Bath has gorgeous architecture that is of Georgian origin and you can have a great time just by admiring the wonderful view everywhere in the city. There are plenty of things in the city to see, and among many things Bath's chief attractions are the numerous museums that the city has. The Roma Baths are also very famous. In Britain these Roman Baths are said to be the best historical spots. Other than all these things there is also the modern spa that has snazzy and exquisite equipment.

Among all the tourist spots of Bath, The Roman Bath is undoubtedly the most popular tourist spot that is a must. If you are traveling to Bath for the first time, the fascinating beauty of this lovely location will surely mesmerize you. This Roman Bath has more than one thing that attracts tourists. It is the perfect destination for tourists looking for a peaceful haven with historical architecture. It does not only have the Great Bath that you can see and enjoy, but also there are other spots like the remaining architecture of the Sulis Minerva temple and the modern system that allows under floor heating. This kind of systems is called Hypocaust and is very enjoyable. There are also other features of this Roman Bath that you are bound to enjoy, namely the hot and cold baths and other various statues of Victorian origin. One essential feature that makes visiting the Roman Bath even more fun is the audio guide, which will tell you all about each place.

The commentary for children is specially entertaining and informative. There are screens in the Roman Bath that show various characters like a soldier, a priest and also people playing the role of bathers who are seen attending to their own business, as though citizens from that ancient era are coming alive. The live actors are extremely professional and play the roles of merchants and stonemasons. If you are planning to visit the Roman Bath you must plan to spend at least two hours in this exquisite tourist spot in order to make the most of it. If you want to avoid crowds of schoolchildren then you should make it a point to go to the Bath either late on weekdays or before the place starts getting crowded. If you are planning to go on weekends then you should either reach soon or late in order to avoid getting in long lines to get in the place.

The city of Bath has yet another Georgian architecture that you should not miss by any chance. It is the circus of Bath. It encircles many plane trees and can easily be said to be one of Bath's greatest historical masterpiece. Among many other things that make this monument fantastic to look at, it has lovely carved Masonic motifs right on the houses’ facade. Far away from the circus, past Bennett Street, there are also some lavish Assembly Rooms, which were used as the chief location of Bath citizens during Georgian times. Though it had been completely destroyed by bombs in the 1950s and the 1960s during the Second World War, lots of effort has been put in to restore it to its magnificent glory and beauty. This Assembly Room has a gorgeous ballroom, Octagen, which was used for cards and a Tea Room. All these remind you of the Bath that Jane Austen has spoken of. In the floor downstairs there is a lovely Fashion Museum and you need to pay a certain amount of extra money in order to get in there.

The other important place that is a must see in Bath is the Royal Crescent which was built between the years of 1767 to 1775 by John Wood. When it was constructed it used to overlook lovely sceneries that comprised of fields and lakes. It is said that this fabulous and impressively designed monument is not actually a crescent but a half ellipse. This place holds about 30 houses and all these houses are now divided into apartments. Among all these apartments John Cleese owns one. All you need to do is come up with an excuse to visit the Royal Crescent Hotel for a fast snoop. The best thing that is worth seeing in The Royal Crescent is the No 1 Royal Crescent. The Bath Preservation Trust has done an excellent job of maintaining this bath and if you look around you will be fascinated to see that it has been decorated in stylish period style. There is also a huge restoration project that is going on which will later join the No 1 Royal Crescent with the original wing of this place.

If you go westwards from Royal Crescent you will see that there is a Royal Victoria Park, which is a vast space of greenery of about 57 acres. This beautiful and picturesque garden will make you feel closer to nature and will offer you a welcome escape from the humdrum city life. It has a large garden comprising of the loveliest variety of flora and the place also boasts of having one of the largest children's playgrounds in the world. In the summer evenings you will be able to see hot air balloons that take off from this playground. Overall, if you are in Bath, you will not want to give this fascinating place a miss.

Other than just visiting historical structures, you can still do other activities that will help you have a good time in Bath. Bath has grand markets that have been popular with tourists since the Georgian times. In the novel 'Persuasion' Jane Austen has mentioned the extremely beautiful Milsom Street where there are lovely designer dresses and such materials that are available for purchase all around the year. Other places where you can shop are Stall Street, South Gate and the Union Street. In these places you will find vintage yet fashionable clothing lines as well as boutiques where a treasure of the most beautiful clothes are sold. In Artisan Quarter there are hand made goods and a colorful and vast selection of assorted handicrafts.

In Bath you will also find restaurants that offer delicious foodstuff. In Sally Lunn's Refreshment House there is an open, airy Sally Lunn Bun, which is a heavenly place to try the local delicacies. There is also a Bath Bun in many of the city's tearooms, which you must try.

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