Wolfsburg-The Automobile Heaven


Wolfsburg located in the Lower Saxony region on the Aller river. Wolfsburg ranked as the richest German city, where its per capita income is over $128,000, this is due to the thriving automobile industry. The Volkswagen AG is the biggest car plant in the world and it also has other affiliated car companies, such as Mercedes-Benz and Audi. Since its foundation on 1 July 1938, as a home for workers till 25 May 1945, when it was called "Stadt des KdF-Wagens bei Fallersleben". The city offers some great tourist attractions:


The Autostadt is a tourist attraction and is one of the most spectacular man-made constructions in the world. It is built adjacent to the Volkswagen automobile factory in the city. It is primarily an automobile museum cum exhibition for enthusiasts from all over the world. It's a tourist hub, including a very famous museum, a pavilion to showcase new models of Volkswagen and its affiliates, a car centre, where customers can pick up new cars as well as a cinema and  it also has the largest glass doors in the whole world along with the longest print line. The whole of the Autostadt is over 4 kilometres long. The place attracts over 2 Million visitors every year and the ultra modern architecture is a treat to the eye. There has been some extensive use of water and vegetation with some of the most cutting edge technology known to man incorporated into many of the buildings here.

Wolfsburg Castle:

The Wolfsburg Castle is also another major tourist attraction, as it is present over the River Aller. It is a medieval-era castle that is also called the water castle. It was built in the year 1308 and was frequented by knights and other royalty during its prime. It died somewhere along the 17th Century but was still maintained as a great tourist attraction since then.

Phaeno Science Center:

This is an interactive science center that was completed in the year 2005 and is renowned for its hypnotic architecture that has enthralled visitors and tourists all over the world, for which it has received numerous awards. The Science center has its own theme song and was listed as one of the 7 wonders of the modern world. Further enhancing its reputation.

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