Cape Town is the second most populated city of South Africa. The cape floral kingdom and Harbor makes this city famous along with table Mountain and Cape point. Hundreds of species are found in South Africa. The Wildlife of South Africa diverts an enormous amount of tourist’s attention towards it.


The word “Wildlife” comprises mammals, fish, reptiles, birds that can be found in wild. The number of mammal species in South Africa is 299 and out of which 2 are critically scarce and 15 of them are scarce. 15 are defenseless and 13 are near-threatened. When tourists assembled together in South Africa, many of them took safaris to see the area’s famed wildlife. Buffalo, Elephant, leopard, lion, Rhinoceros are the big Five of South Africa. From June till November the Cape Town is visited by Southern Right Whales. Cape Town is a world of Birds. 3000 birds of 400 different species are there and it is considered as a paradise for bird’s lovers. Another most interesting thing about Cape Town’s wildlife is that it has its own Penguin Colony in Boulder’s Beach in Simon’s Town. So the Penguin lovers can spend the day swimming with the penguins in the Cape.

The World’s tallest animal Giraffe with over 50 other different African animal species reside here and tourists can spent their whole day in exploring the Home of the giraffe and other different animals. The most beautiful and colorful creature Butterflies fly over in the expansive greenhouse. 500-800 butterfly pupae are imported per week, but you have to plan your visit accordingly as butterflies are more active in sunnier days. There is also a snake park which offers the reptile species for the people who are interested in learning and observing the reptiles.


Cape Town is known for its adventurous sports. From underwater shark encounters to scuba diving, every sport is adventurous and boosts up one’s energy. There are a lot of exciting and interesting things in the city and you can explore those interesting areas on a bicycle tour. You can also get a chance of shark cage diving with white shark diving co. for this you need a responsible tour operator to be your guide. Scuba diving is one of those sports that are loved by many. Once in your lifetime, you should try it. An open water scuba diving course entails two days of theory lessons and practice in the pool. You can easily contact Scuba shack if you are interested in Scuba diving as it offers all types of dives.

Men are fond of cars and car racing. You can experience fantastic car racing and they will teach you how to drive a single seat car. Hundreds of caves can be found in the Cape and the Cape Peninsula Speleological Society has monthly cave explorations that are open to the public on every Sundays.

All these adventurous sports make Cape Town more attractive and tourists are more convinced to visit this beautiful and adventurous place. If you haven’t experienced these sports in your lifetime then the Cape Peninsula and their tour operators can help you out for making your tour more interesting.

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