The White House

The White House

As the official residence of United States of America presidents since 1800, The White House has been the primary place of work for US presidents since the tenure of John Adams. Situated at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, the White House is one of the most respected and admired architectural pieces in Washington DC. The term and what it stands for is mostly also used to refer to the presidential acts and sentiments and that of his top advisers. This also includes anything that relates to the official government position of the United States.

Down the White House Memory Lane

Between the years 1792 and 1800, this magnificent architectural piece was constructed using Aqua arroyo and white-painted sandstones in a rather neo-classical style. James Hoban (an Irish-born designer) did the designing work while Benjamin Latrobe did the first extensions that included two colonnades. It is remembered that the house was burnt in 1814 by British Army, destroying much of its interior and exterior. This notwithstanding, reconstruction started immediately and when James Monroe moved in, he added South and North porticos in 1824 and 1829 respectively.

The West Wing was constructed by Theodore Roosevelt in 1901 while William Howard extended it to create the first Oval Office. In 1927, Attic (third floor) started to be used as living quarters while the newly constructed East Wing was used as a social meeting place.

White House Today

The United States White House Complex is today one of the most renowned buildings in the world. Among the various sections that are included in this complex are as follows:

  • Executive Residence

  • East wing

  • West Wing

  • Eisenhower Executive Office Building

  • Blair House

Executive Residence has six storey including two basement floors, ground floor, State floor, second floor and third floor. The Eisenhower building was formerly used as the State Department but is today used by the president and vice president staffs, while Blair House is used as a residence for guests.

Most people are however unaware that the White House property is owned by the National Park Service and is regarded as a National Heritage Site. Owing respect to the preservation of the White House history, there have not been major architectural changes on this house since the renovations done by Truman. Any changes to the house must be approved through consultations with the first family (Mostly the First Lady), an appointed curator and the committee for the preservation of White House.

Exciting facts about White House

The white House has a total of 132 rooms for use by those who live in, work in or visit the place, with 32 bathrooms at their disposal depending on the six White House levels of accommodation. The house has only three elevators. The house has had several names including the President’s house, the executive mansion, and the president’s palace until Roosevelt gave the current name in 1901.

To the disposal of its visitors, the White House provides a jogging track, swimming pool, tennis court, billiards, movie rooms, bowling lane and other exciting amenities.

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