White House and Washington Monument

White House

Located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC, the White House has been the official residence and workplace of the United States Presidents and their family members since 1800. Its first occupant was John Adams, one of the founding fathers and the second United States President. The house has had a number of modifications and alternations over the years. It has seen a total of 44 presidents pass through its doors with their family to date.

The White House’s west wing houses the President’s office, known as the Oval office. In addition, it houses the president’s senior staff offices. The East Wing was added in 1942 to increase office space, and is best known as the Office of the first Lady, as it is used by the First Lady starting with Rosalynn Carter in 1977. Initially, it was constructed in order to hide the underground bunker construction (the bunker is used in emergencies) during the World War II.

The House attracts over 30,000 visitors on a weekly basis, although tours to the house were halted on 9th march, 2013 till further notice. Tours to the white house are mainly centered around the East Wing and the main White House residence since it is the easiest to schedule, with the west wing being reserved for only a few visitors. Visitors can gain access to the East Garden room, the library, the China room, the Vermeil room, the East Colonnade, state dining, Red, Blue, Green and East room.

A tour to the West Wing for those who make the touring list will lead through the Lincoln Bedroom, President Obama’s master bedroom, the Queen’s bedroom and the Oval office. You will be taken through a secret tunnel to the Oval office from the Residence, and also have a look at the bunker that is used for emergencies. Important to note however, is that you might not always have access to the oval office as the entrance is left at the president’s discretion.

The Washington monument is another historical site in the DC area. It was built in commemoration to George Washington who was the first American President, and the Commander-in-chief of the Continental Army. The structure is made of granite, blue stone geneses, and marble, it stands at about 555 feet, making it Washington’s tallest structure. Fifty flags representing fifty American states surround its base.

Although the monument is currently closed to the public due to the earth quake damage in 2011, its projected date of re-opening is 2014, because of the extensive repairs that are being undertaken on the monument. During its operation, visitors were transported to the monument by an elevator that goes to the top of the monument, in order for them to enjoy the truly breathtaking views around them. Views of places such as the white house, the Lincoln Memorial, the Capitol building, and Thomas Jefferson Memorial can be had at the top of this magnificent building.

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