Washington DC – America’s Politically and Culturally Rich Capital

Washington DC

Washington, DC is the glorious capital of the United States of America. It is a city which has much more in store for its visitors than any news channel, paper or article can ever claim it possesses. It is far more colorful and exciting than any travel guide could ever advertise.

Washington, DC is also referred to as "The District" and rightly so, because it is the hub of all political activities in the US.  It possesses all the aspects and colors of the beauty and the charm of the West. It has more than two dozen free monuments and museums which exhibit the cultural and historical value of this great nation. This unique American city offers an independent sensethat connects all Americans from an exciting past to a limitless future.

The most interesting places which need to be highlighted in the list of 'what to see when in DC' are the Georgetown Brownstone, Pennsylvania Avenue, the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, the Vietnam Memorial and last but obviously not the least the Reflecting Pool. The hotels in DC are also very exciting places to be.

What makes this all the better is that all of these places are at a walking distance from each other. The lush grounds that this city possesses are gorgeous and simply marvelous. Arlington National Cemetery is also famous for its lawn expanse. If you haven't been there, put it on your list of places to go and learn about its amazing history.

The city buzzes with activity and it is most enjoyable when congress is in session. DC is especially said to be in full swing when President Obama is in the White House. Therefore, 'the sleepy and staid' image of DC gets replaced by the 'cutting edge' image. So bring your politics or set them aside; in the capital of the USA, you get to choose! DC is extremely unusual and is a city you must visit at some time. The architecture exhibits here are provocative and heart stopping. The city housing here has everything to offer: avenues, front porches, old neighborhoods and river banks.

It was designed by a Parisian and it still feels that way. Because a building cannot by law be higher than the width of the street it fronts, you can always see the sky. That is how amazing this city is. Indeed, Washington, DC has much to offer its worthy visitors from an insightful look to its political arena to its wonderfully designed buildings. The choice solely belongs to the visitor; whatever they are passionate to learn about first.

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