Visiting the pristine campuses of Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT
When mentioning Massachusetts, two illustrious names, Harvard University and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) always flicker in a person’s mind, the world renowned educational institutes.  These two are the dream land of all brilliant students across the globe, because of highly professional and qualified faculty; outstanding educational facilities; world class campus environment and excellent accommodation.

Let’s have a brief tour around these two immaculate campuses to know what makes them shine so bright on the sky of education.

Harvard University

Here, we are in front of the spectacular building of Harvard University. Let's go inside and turn over the pages of its remarkable history. Established in 1636, it is an educational giant in itself. It has 11 principal academic blocks and ten faculties offering massive list of courses and awarding degrees. The university was named Harvard after its first benefactor, John Harvard of Charlestown. This young minister, upon his death in the 1638, gifted a half of his sizeable business empire, along with a wonderful library to the university. It symbolizes true love for education and quest of knowledge.  The university's official color is Crimson and it lives with the motto "VERITAS" a Latin word meaning truth. The great library of the university holds a vast collection of more than 17 million volumes. Harvard Business School is ranked among the top business institutes in the world.

The University offers its global visitors an exciting opportunity to have a tour through its Information Center. It allows them to walk through the campus history with open arms, and to benefit from the general educational information to add a pleasant memory in touristic albums. No matter if you are far away from Harvard, you can go for a mobile tour or an audio tour of the university, yet the charms of having a physical tour stand above all.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Now we visit the world's best technology institute, MIT. It is ever welcoming of Cambridge visitors, inviting to have a look around the campus and much more. Saying aloud "It's all here" this world recognized private research university was founded in 1861 by William Barton Rogers. The official colors of MIT are Cardinal and Grey. With 5 schools and one college, it runs 32 academic departments focusing primarily on engineering; science and technology; education and research.

The campus arranges a memorable tour for the prospective students to familiarize them with the amazing spell of what is university life actually. The Admission Office offers live sessions and visitors are allowed to stay overnight. They can reach the campus through Tech shuttle service free of charge. For those who intend to stay longer, they may find stored value CharlieCard or unlimited weekly/monthly pass.  It invites people to walk through the Corridor Lab; visit MIT's public art collection; see the incredible books collection at MIT libraries; check out Ray and Maria State Center; stay amazed by the MIT Museum and see The Zesiger Sports and Fitness Center that keeps MIT healthy and fit.

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