Visiting the Hong Kong Island

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is part of China that works as the bridge to Western civilization in the Far East. The former English colony is one of the most economically vital regions in the world today. Hong Kong has become a centre for commerce as well as development. This city has its own government system, its own way of education, and several other aspects that are different from mainland China.

The complete name of the place is Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, and as it clearly suggests, it works in a different manner from the rest of the country. This has allowed for an improvement in the economy in the region. Hong Kong has a thriving economy. For this reason, the place has become a prime destination for tourism. High buildings, exciting nightlife, busy streets, make the island a hugely popular place for tourists to visit. In fact, Hong Kong is the city with the highest vertical expansion in the world. Every day the city grows a little bit more towards the sky. After all, there is not much space, so the only way to grow is vertically.

The city is exceptionally attractive because of its busy life. It is not wrong to comment that it never sleeps, so if you take a walk at midday or at midnight, you will find people walking on the streets. Hong Kong is one of those cities in which you feel alive. Furthermore, this city is not only about buildings and businesses, but also about culture and entertainment.

One of the main attractions in Hong Kong is called the “Ocean Park”. Here, people learn about marine life while having a fabulous time, but in the case that you are looking for a little bit more fun maybe you would like to visit Hong Kong’s Disney World. There are other attractions, like the Victoria Bay, which offers a view to the sea and the Victoria Peak, from which you may admire the so-called “Oriental Pearl”. For those interested in learning some history, there is a temple to visit called Wong Tai Sin. The Taoist temple offers a trip to the traditional Oriental culture.

Victoria Peak is by far the favourite attraction of the city. From above the city it may be seen. One may admire the incredible Hong Kong's architecture from high above. After taking a glimpse of the city, then you may go into The Peak Tower. The building has a wide variety of stores and restaurants that will keep you busy.

Probably second in popularity is Ngong Ping. The area is a protected zone where the very same Giant Buddha is located. The copper-made statue is in fact the world’s biggest representation of Buddha. On the other hand, the modern and luxuries area of the island may be found at the Repulse Bay. Rich people have now established there and turned it into a very attractive place to visit for its beauty.

These are just some of the popular most tourist destinations of this beautifully carved island, but there is even more to discover.

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