Visiting Mauritius with Nature Trails

Nature Trails

Mauritius is a natural paradise. Once an uninhabited island, today is sprouting with life. It is located to the east off the African coast, and it’s a favorite travel destination. The trees of the forestall areas are all around the island. The tropical climate of the island makes it a pleasant place to visit, since it is not too hot or cold. Thanks to climate and low urbanization, Mauritius is classified as the country with the second cleanest air in the world.

The animals of the region are also a strong incentive for travelers to take a flight to the island. The most intriguing species of the island used to be the now-extinct Dodo bird. The biodiversity of the region was much lower  than nowadays. When the Portuguese, and later the Dutch came to the island, new animals and plants were introduced. Fortunately, these animals bonded well with the island and still live there, now as indigenous.

If anyone wants to see beautiful landscapes and enjoy nature, then the best way to cover the region is with an expedition. The area is so rich and diverse that the traveler might be overwhelmed by the diversity and feel unsure of what and where to see and to go. Because of this, guided tours are a must. With the help from professional guides, interested visitor will be taken hand by hand to the best and most wondrous places in the island. One of the companies that offer this service is called Nature Trails.

Nature Trails divide the island into four sections for the traveler to visit and admire. The trips last around 8 hours and they cover the best parts of the territory. Local dwellers are the guides of these trails, and they know exactly what you will want to see. The vehicle used to make the tour is a Toyota Land Cruiser Deluxe. On board the vehicle, the favorite tour, the tour by land, takes place. Among the visited places are private properties and secret spots known only to the guides. Some of the local villages like Long Mountain, Pamplemousse and Henrietta are destinations of the trip. There you will find a local approach to land.

If you are more into a fuller view of Mauritius, that is to say land, sea, and air tours, then Nature Trails is your best option. This means that you get to visit the land territory of Mauritius, the coast and its waters, and get a panoramic view of the island on an airplane! After visiting the island by car, you board the Dream catcher, the company’s boat. Aboard the ship you can enjoy the beautiful natural seascapes and the fresh air of the coastal area of Mauritius. After relaxing of the boat, you get to eat some BBQ and swim in the crystal clear waters of the sea. Finally, you board Nature Trail’s airship and get to know the island from the top. This way you can see the coral areas and the lagoon of the island among other attractions.

Mauritius is a Rich Island in which there is a lot to see. The best way to visit the island and make the best out of a visit is to hire a guide who will take you to the places you want to see. This way the trip will be unforgettable.

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