Visiting Budapest-Here’s What to Expect


It is one of the most exciting travel destinations. Budapest is bustling with beautiful and relaxing thermal baths, nightclubs, a rich culture and delicious cuisines.  The city has three main regions namely, Buda, Pest and Óbuda which are divided yet united by the Danube River.Not a very expensive city, and it gives you a wide variety of cuisines to taste and a rich cultural heritage which will overwhelm your senses.

Things to do in Budapest

Thermal Baths

Don’t forget to pack your swimsuit to unwind all of your stress in the thermal baths which await you at Széchenyi, situated in the City Park near Belváros, or Gellért, very near the Liberty Bridge in Buda. This very feature sets Budapest apart from all European cities.

Castle Hill

Castle Hill is a must visit. Its high walls and cobbled streets will transport you back into the medieval world. The streets are peppered with small cafés and shops where you can taste the local delights. The Fisherman's Bastion, the Royal Palace and the Matthias Church are not to be missed.

 A delight for Art lovers

Budapest is an Art heaven. One can visit Hungarian National Gallery, Museum of Fine Arts and Hungarian State Opera House.

Shopping in Budapest

Two of the major shopping destinations of the city are Vacíutca (Vací Street) and Belváros are known for their fashionable shops, cafes and restaurants. Don’t forget to visit the Central Market hall where one can buy the best meat, crafts, and best Hungarian dishes all at the same time.


Budapest has a vibrant and energetic nightlife with lively bars which are spread all over the city. You can find the best nightclubs around Ferenctér between Andrássyút and the Music Academy, as well as Rádayutca and KrudyGyulautca.

Piece of advice

  • Plan ahead and book your hotels beforehand because the hotels are cheap but quickly filled.

  • Take sturdy footwear to experience the beautiful city on foot.

  • Get the Budapest card which is easily available online or at motels that will help you save money in transportation.

Don’t forget to tip the waiters and taxi drivers as it is expected at about 10%.

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