A visit to Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the most beautiful places in America. Transportation in L.A. is very easy these days we can travel through the public transportation, which is easily available. There is a Double Decker travel through L.A. named Los Angeles Hip-on Hip-off Double Decker. There are a number of Hotels where we can spend the night, some are expensive and some are cheap. Namely The Beverly Hills hotel, Chateau Marmon, Malibu country Inn, Hollywood Historic Hotel and many more.

Museums and Art galleries:

There are a lot of places in L.A to visit, around 841 museums and Art galleries. Some of the famous museums and Art galleries are in Los Angeles, county the Getty Center, Museum of Art, and Museum of Contemporary Art and many more.

National Park:

National Park and Bright Lights is a very beautiful place to visit while in L.A. it captures all the beauty of U.S. This park goes all around the famous cities of California and is departed at L.A. It is the most beautiful and most visited park. The trip through the park goes for around 14 days.

Redondo Beach:

Redondo Beach is the place where a person can relax while enjoying the beauty of sunset and the sound of the waves. It is one of the best beaches in L.A. most of the people in L.A. come to this beach to spend their holidays.

Amusement parks:

L.A. has a lot of amusement parks to visit and it is famous for this. Here you can find some of the world famous theme park like Magic Mountain, Disneyland, and Sea World.

The Getty Centre:

The Getty Center sits majestically on top of a hill above the 405 freeway in Los Angeles. A tram (that is not like any other tram!) takes you to the museum under grounds and the view going up is amazing.

Universal Studios Hollywood:

Universal studio of Hollywood has turned into an amusement park the past couple of years but still it has cool stuff for kids. We can watch a movie. The backlot tour is a very cool stuff to do there. There is a lot of different stuff to do and see.

Peterson Automotive Museum:

This place is amazing even if you aren’t a car-lover and if you are a fan of cars then you will visit this place whether it’s convenient or not because it contains all types of awesome and beautiful cars. They also tell you about the history of cars in America.

Exposition Park:

It is a very informative and historic place. People also go there for picnics. They have African American museum, Science Center and the natural history museum in this park. It also has a fountain surrounded by the rose garden.

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