Visit Buenos Aires and Live your Life!

buenos aires

The Pride of Argentina

Buenos Aires is one the most exciting and most fun loving cities of Argentina. Not only it is the capital city of Argentina but also it is the second largest metropolitan city in the entire region of South America. The entire city is blessed with many attractions that would be quite regretful if missed.

Buenos Aires' Living Gem

Get ready to be fascinated with one of the most exquisite theatres present in the city of Buenos Aires along with being recognized as one of the largest theatres present in the entire world. Standing for more than 100 years, this theatre is often praised and recommended for its artistic beauty and acoustics. It is basically a seven storied elegant opera house. Tourists and visitors can visit the rehearsal rooms, workshops, seating areas and also the stage. The classical glamour presented in this theatre simply makes it a living elegant and stunning gem.

Multi-Dimensional Spot!

If you are looking for a stunning place then you must visit Puerto Madero that actually has a multi-dimensional aspect. This extraordinary riverfront area is actually a place for booming business as well as for tourists who want to explore the city. During the day this place is a great shopping district where as at nights it allows its visitors to indulge themselves with palatable food from its restaurants. The fashionable clubs also can be a great option.

Know the true classics of Buenos Aires.

Usina del Arte is one of the finest masterpieces when it comes to knowing a good art center. The whole building will simply make you fall for it, with its exclusive classical bent. The auditorium is simply superb to say the least. You can actually know the real taste of music with its offered performances in jazz, full orchestras and tango. The acoustics are also really wonderful.

Sa Telmo lets you go back to historical times. While retaining the classic colonial flavor, this area shows explicitly the true 19th century architecture. The narrow streets, antique shops, the special Sunday antique market are bound to leave a distinct impression on the minds of the visitors. The tango bars at San Telmo would provide a great option to learn tango dancing.

Buenos Aires is definitely a big city and is blessed with more attractions, more than the ones that have been mentioned. Each of these sites has high chances to make you fall in love with the city every time you remember it.

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