Visit Bariloche-The Perfect Place For Tourism


About Bariloche

San Carlos de Bariloche is a great city to visit in Argentina. Being located in the Andes' foothills, the city belongs to Rio Negro's province. It offers attractive spots and enjoyable things to do that will compel you to come back and visit the city again and again.

Perfect City for Natural Beauty

For all the natural beauty lovers, Bariloche offers a great chance to mingle with nature and appreciate its beauty. The Tronador is an awesome natural wonder that is bound to take your breath away. Basically it is a mountain that is situated in the Southern Andes and that has often been, for most of the international climbers, a perennial challenge. Tronador is also accompanied with black glacier and grand views that only helps in rejuvenating your soul. An excellent idea would be to visit this place on a typical sunny day.

Bariloche offers a great skiing experience to its visitors with its Cerro Catedral Ski Resort. It is the largest resort in the whole of South America. For those who can ski nicely, this place will be too easy for them. Especially in winter, this mountain is at its best for skiing. It also proves to be quite a paradisaical opportunity for hikers as well as rock climbers especially in the summer.

Classical Presence Makes it more Special

You can also turn back time and know about classical Bariloche architecture with the Cathedral de San Carlos de Bariloche. The beautifully elegant interior walls are bound to make a good impression on you. Overlooking the majestic Nahuel Huapi Lake, the church grandly sits on a plaza. While on the way make sure to buy yourself or your family a chocolate, since the city is also quite famous for its chocolates.

For a true chocolaty experience, you must visit Havanna Museo de Chocolate. It is essentially a museum aiming to show the very history of chocolate. With a proper-guided tour, you can actually know important chocolaty facts like emergence of chocolate, chocolate sculptures and rustica production. Especially in a rainy day, this place would be seriously awesome.

Bariloche with the above-mentioned sites and others like Centro Civico, Colonia Sueza and many more, is the reason why more and more tourists visit the city each year. The city is in fact a perfect blend of classical architecture with natural beauty.  Adding to these, the common hospitality of the locals only makes it more interesting and more homely.

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