Virtual Travel - Can it really compare with the real thing?

Virtual Travel

Whether or not virtual travel will replace the real thing remains to be seen. However for now, virtual reality provides many people with a glimpse of what the real thing is and helps people travel without breaking their bank accounts. Virtual travel is a fantastic way to spend the day exploring the gorgeous historical sites in Barcelona and spend the night enjoying the bewitching views at the Empire State Building, all in the comfort of your home.

Thanks to a high-definition headset complete with 3-D display, it is now possible to visit a number of places in the world and enjoy lifelike interactions while there! Much as it is not yet a common occurrence, the immense potential it presents cannot be ignored.

Just like kindle books or eBooks cannot completely replace the feeling of actually touching and smelling the beauty of words in a paper-version; virtual travelling cannot completely replace the authenticity of actually physically going to different places around the world and touching actual objects.

This technology will in the future be great news for people who are unable for one reason or the other to actually get on a plane or go to a particular place and explore. Such people will be able to experience what it would have been like to travel to a given destination even though it is not the actual physical thing. The technology, through the use of special software and gadgets will be able to provide people with the ‘actual’ experience of travel without actually physically going to the different destinations.

Of course, as with any change come the good and the bad. With the introduction of virtual travel the travel industry may stand to benefit through selling travel experiences but at the same time it may stand to lose if more people are doing away with the actual travel.

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