The Village of Denmark


Encompasses a population of more than 2,000 and is strategically situated in the southeast Brown County, the village of Denmark is historically nostalgic. With a characteristic diversity in landscape, Denmark is considered as a multi-system growing bud of charming community with the traditional Danish hospitality and admiration.

With Green Bay in the North, Manitowoc in the South and situational advantage to its side, the village is rapidly growing and developing. In 1848, the Danish immigrants were the first to settle on the village from Langeland. The village today makes of an area of about 1.93 square miles that translates to 1227 acres.

Denmark Village Proximity

The village enjoys close proximity to many important facilities and institutions in the country. Denmark Village is situated on a location that is less than a day-drive for more than a third of the country’s population. It enjoys a freight rail service and most importantly, lies within 20 miles of Austin-Straubel International Airport in Green Bay which also serves as the third largest of the airports in Wisconsin. Getting to the Denmark village from the Port of Green Bay, which lies on the south of the village, is fast, as it is only 15 miles. The village is proximal to many important health facilities, educational institutions such as universities among many other amenities that visitors and residents alike may need.

For those with business acumen, the village is home to more than hundred serious businesses and commercial establishments where one can invest or participate.

Denmark Village advantages to visitors or residents:

The village of Denmark has a lot of unique advantages to its residents and also tourists or visitors, it’s known for its beauty and charming weather which attracts more people to it at different times of the year. Also it has a lot of affordable, safe and unique housing styles, and an excellent quality of life providing all services that one might need when living there as hospitality, food, water, fire, transportation system, secure, work and even places where you can have fun. Moreover, you will find an excellent school system for your children with highly qualified teachers and instructors.

Some of the village attractions

The village is also known for its parks and open spaces for its residents to spend their leisure time. The Village maintains a variety of open space that is not officially parkland. These include the entrance ways into the Village. The areas located on Pleasant Avenue and the Triangle Prairie Garden area which are located on Green Bay Road. The central business district parking lot also features a small pocket park with a water fountain with fish.

One of its amazing and large parks is the Memorial Park is the Memorial Park, a community park consisting of 30 acres of land with concession stands, shelters, two baseball diamonds, a tennis court, a skateboard/ice skating area, a wading pool, a playground, a basketball court, a nature trail, picnic areas, a sledding hill, a tractor pull area and a creek.

Another park is the Day Break ESTATE Neighborhood Park.  It is a recently developed small park of approximately 4 acres. It features gravel walking trail, a playground area, a gazebo, an off-street parking lot, a future shelter having restrooms, and possibly a court for playing basketball. Also the High ridge Park, this park was constructed mainly for baseball players.

One of the city attractions is The Devils River Trails head. It is an area which features a depot-shelter building, a trail, a  pondless waterfall feature and long-term parking areas for trail users. The shelter building has a meeting room with a capacity to handle 20 people, bathrooms and a kitchen. The recreation trail features two spectacular railroad tressel river crossings and rolling hillside landscapes.

There are also many events held in the village for the residents or visitors, it’s suitable for different ages, for kids you will find school activities and trips to visit the beautiful places of the village letting children know more about it. Also there are different Picnics to the village’s parks and clubs. Moreover, there is sometimes an organized Walk for people to walk through the village and get to know each other or even run through the hills of the village.

Getting to and Around Denmark Village

You can fly in and drive to the village from virtually anywhere in the world. The village is served by the nearby airport and served too by a good network of transportation. You are therefore at peace with yourself and the locals in the Village of Denmark. It also contains a public area that includes a Butterfly Garden, Wildlife Garden, Children's Garden and a Rain garden. There is a windmill with a pond aeration system in the southern part of the park. All of these features were designed to help residents know more about how to deal with storm water run-off concerns.

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