Vienna- The Palatial Paradise


Vienna is truly a beautiful land of Palaces. The architectural beauty of the place goes beyond imagination. Even the cafés are palatial with some mind boggling coffee. Besides that there are a lot of things that you ought to do during your visit to Vienna.

I have compiled a list of top 5 attractions you don’t afford to miss out when in Vienna. Vienna as you know is a palatial paradise so it is inevitable that you would visit all the Palaces around the city. Thus the list does not focus much on those aspects.

Karntner Strasse

If you are a shopping bug, then definitely this place deserves a first spot in your list of attractions to visit in Vienna. This is an extremely lively neighborhood and here you get a chance to do some spectacular shopping.

Historic Centre, Vienna

Take a walking tour of the historic centre including the Ringstrasse made hundreds of years ago on demand for the Emperor Francis Joseph. It is a spectacular road lined with beautiful chestnut trees. The historic centre is a magnificent work and the architecture is breathtaking. You can have some amazing pictures clicked here for you will not find a backdrop as perfect as this place.

The Third Man Museum

Remember the international classic “The Third Man”. It was very well shot in Vienna in 1948 and the museum is the perfect place to visit the memories of the film. Apart from that, it also features so much about pre and post war history of Vienna. Even if you have not watched the movie the museum leaves no stone unturned to impress you. The 2 minute segment of the film and the letters including other documents will surely impress you. Apart from that, the collection of the museum is one of a kind that you will not find anywhere else in the world.

State Opera House

The opera house is as grandiose as the rest of the city. The unique performances which you get to experience only in Vienna are a delight for your eyes. You can even get a standing room ticket which is extremely affordable and you even get access to electronic device which shows what is being sung in German or English. The royal treatment, the acoustics and the ambience of this incredible place is certainly what you don’t want to miss.

Tiergarten Zoo

It is the oldest still operating Zoo of the world. It was first open for the public in 1752. This zoo has twice been voted as Europe’s best zoo in 2008 and 2010. The zoo is huge and very well laid out in terms of habitat. You will find a variety of wildlife species here, and you will simply love walking around from one habitat to another. One tip for those who also want to visit the Schonbrunn Palace: Buy a winter pass at the desk which will include both admission fees! Happy touring.

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