Västerås-Unwind Your Picnic Fantasy


Västerås is fifth largest city when we talk about Sweden. Västerås is also one of Sweden's oldest cities, being officially established in 1990. The downtown area of the city gives a urban feel to all who was here. Everywhere  you can see the old buildings  around and The “Urban”, which became more prominent at Stora Gatan, mainly because of the skyscraper, nicknamed "Skrapan".

Get in

It’s a very well connected by all means of transport air, rail and the road. If you are traveling by car, you can take E18. Airports are just 4 miles away and the train station is in city center. Main bus operator is Swebus Express

Must See

The best way to see the city would be  by a walk, because it’s a small city. Moreover, you can avail public transport. The museum of art is must see and you can actually start your day with this. The turbine house is another attraction. You will find old Cathedral dating back to 13th century. Anundshog, which is at some distance from Västerås ,there is a really nice place for picnic, specially if you will visit the city in summers. If you like music you should try jazz club village or the new concert hall. Aros Forte is an indoor adventure facility and a worth going place (don’t forget to advance book for the same especially if it’s a Friday or Saturday).If you have kids with you try Lögarängsbadet west of Västerås. If you have another half-day and the transportation are all arranged, then you can visit the Silver Mine in Sala about 32km to the north on 67.

If you are interested in shopping crafts and pottery, you can find all in the nearest markets. If your plans are to stay overnight, there is couple of unique options to stay. The Hotel Woodpecker is a single room tree house in the middle of the Wasa Park and is a themed artistic hotel, by the same artist a unique one room hotel is present in the lake and the bedroom is underwater.

Björnö is the city's main island where you can easily locate it, as the signboards could be seen everywhere. Through the E18 there will be another really nice island - Ängsö,  just 15 km out of town could be reached to. If you are looking for some drinks Bishops Arms Pub, Bill& Bob are perhaps the points you must visit.

Have a nice Stay!

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