USS Midway Museum- An Interesting Spot for Your Upcoming Holiday!

USS Midway Museum- An Interesting Spot for Your Upcoming Holiday!

Who doesn’t love visiting museums, especially when they are crazy about traveling? Well, it’s not necessary that everyone has to love them but what if a museum is not situated on land? Isn’t it something that would pique the interest of any adventure lover? By not situated on land, I don’t mean it’s located on a cloud or underwater, but something as equally thrilling and crazy.

The USS Midway Museum; if you haven’t heard of it has a whole history behind its existence. Basically, it is a museum in a Naval Ship that floats. Yes, you got it right! It’s a floating ship exhibiting various aircrafts that have taken part in various wartime battles and most of them were built in California.

This museum is situated at Navy Pier, San Diego in California. The USS Midway was once the most operational ship that served America from 1945 to 1992. On June 7, 2004, the ship was inaugurated as a museum nearly 12 years after it was decommissioned.

The total annual visitors to the museum, according to recent calculations, are 1 million. This includespeople from all over the world. Mostly though, local kids are brought here on school trips and students visit it to enhance their historical knowledge. Almost 700 events and occasions are hosted in the museum every year.

The total membership of USS Midway Museum exceeds 13,000.  The members enjoy a lot of recreational activities including self audio tours, where they feel the real experience of aircrafts, cockpits, and fighter jets. The museum enhances the feeling of reality even more from its sleeping quarters and officers’ quarters where members feel like naval officers experiencing the moment of war and the excitement boosts with awesomely narrated tours in audio.

If you are planning to visit there in your car then you should have no problem finding a parking spot in one of the 300 or so parking spaces and if you are going via public transport then the good news for you is that it’s only walking distance from public conveyance stops. What else do you need for a holiday with historical significance then?

There are a few TVshows that broadcast from the Museum because of its very attractive premises. It’s possible that you may also get to meet one of your favorite TV actors when you visit there because of the frequency of sundry TV shows being recorded is very high on the USS Midway.

Please - Do let us know about your experience, if you’ve already been there.

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