US City of New Orleans

New Orleans

The Facts

It is the most European city in America and has a vibrant history. It was originally founded by the French, briefly ruled by the Spanish and was home for the Haitians. It was never easy to access from Australia with all the major US hubs serving New Orleans, such as San Francisco, Dallas, Los Angeles and Houston. It is one of the most walkable cities having 1,300 restaurants, award-winning museums, 263 full service and boutique hotels, premier tours and major attractions.

The music Jazz has been said to be born here but the city offers a variety of other music like Latin, Gospel, Country, and R&B, Reggae, Folk, Blues and Rock n Roll.  The local seafood such as crabs, crawfish and shrimps are the tasty metaphor of New Orleans culture. Gumbo soup is the specialty.

New Orleans Night Life

There is a lot to do at night once you land up in New Orleans. You can go for Bars and Clubs, Casinos, Music Clubs, Jazz Clubs, Dance Clubs, Late Night Eats, Burlesque and Cabaret Clubs.

The Burlesque and Cabaret Clubs are still famous and even today you can find number of sexy ladies twirling their tassels in various clubs around the French Quarter. And, there is a lot to offer for the people who love the cabaret-style. There are clubs having rock bands with occasional blues and jazz music along with comfortable and Cold A/C. Some of the other clubs have world class musicians from Fat Domino to Eric Clapton.

Harrah’s Casino is one of the best casinos in town and that too with free entry cost. It has around 113 table games, 1,873 slots and around 20 poker tables. Harrah’s Casino has a real variety of options for card lovers and they can try their luck with this. Poker Room offers games like 7 Card Stud, Pot-Limit Omaha and Texas Hold. Even weekly tournaments are organized and there are regular promotions.

The eligible age to enter into the Casino is 21, and free parking is available for Total Rewards Members who play for 30 minutes or have some credits with them.

WWE Wrestle mania

If you are in New Orleans how you can forget to watch the famous WWE Wrestling. It is one of the most popular games in New Orleans and people often visit this place regularly and enjoy watching Wrestling.

This game was founded by Jess McMohan and Toots Mondt back in the year 1952. It is one of the largest professional wrestling promotion in the world, reaching more than 13 million viewers in the US and also, broadcasting its shows to more than 150 countries in several languages.

The tickets are priced from $25 to $850 and there is a limited VIP Package which is for $2,000. It is better to avoid long ques and book the tickets online to have fun and watch wrestling. Some of the websites which offer tickets are Ticketmaster, ConcertTicketCenter, Ticket Liquidator and also, through the WWE website itself.

Attractions at New Orleans

Some of good attractions at New Orleans are the New Orleans Museum, the French Quarter, the Gold Courses and New Orleans Area Plantation.

New Orleans has a variety of museums like history museums, family and children museums, historic museums, multicultural museums and last but not the least the nature museums.

The New Orleans Area Plantation has a history of once being the mainstays of a regional agrarian economy and moreover, the bastions of genteel culture. Now, they are one of the major tourist spots offering windows into a bygone past.

The French Quarter has a lot to offer as it has music clubs, hotels and lodging, restaurants, shopping complexes and gay bars.

There are many public golf courses in New Orleans which provide flat terrain almost all year round. Some of the major ones are Audubon Park Golf Course, the City Park Driving Range, Brechtel Memorial Park Municipal, the Golf Course and City Putt.

Gay and Lesbian in New Orleans

New Orleans has a lot to offer for homosexuals, lesbians, gay, bi-sexual and the Transgender community. Southern Decadence has thousands of transgender and reveals the same on Labor Day. The nightlife, especially for gays is really exciting. The transgender culture along with the bars and raucous parties are the major attractions for the people coming and visiting here. The French Quarter is the heart of the gay nightlife and also, the heart of New Orleans. Café Lafitte in Exile is the famous and oldest gay bar in North America.

Famous restaurant, Clover Grill serves great dinner and unique food. The NO AIDS/ Task Force community hosts the NO/AIDS Walk each year as well as the Dining for Life where many gays and lesbians participate along with the donations provided by the nearby restaurants. Gay poets and writers find their voices in the city of New Orleans.

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