Twin Peaks - San Francisco

Twin Peaks San Francisco

The Twin Peaks is situated in San Francisco and is one of the hottest tourists' attractions of that place. The views are breathtaking. If you think that it’s beautiful in the day, you clearly haven’t seen it at night. Basically the Twin peaks are two hills with an elevation of 281 meter, the second highest point in all of San Francisco. They cover up to an area of over 34 acres which is open all year around for tourists to visit and bask in the beauty.

Now, the Twin Peaks weren’t initially called Twin peaks as America wasn’t in control of them yet. Before the Europeans, this grand beauty was used for people who wanted to hunt and required a height advantage. Also, the twin peak was filled with lots of plants and trees. This ecology provided a variety of medicinal plants, ceremonial plants, grains and berries. After the Spanish had came to this land, they called it “Los Pechos de la Chola” which roughly meant “Breasts of the Indian Maiden”, and used the area of from ranching and raising up cattle and such. You can understand the pun behind the name and ranching. However, after San Francisco was passed down to America they named it the “Twin Peaks” and it has been that ever since then.

We have already discussed how the Twin Peaks are about 281 meters in height which is around 922 feet, but they are around 660 feet or 200 meters apart from each other. At an elevation of over 900 feet, the soil of Twin peak is quite thin and sandy which makes it susceptible to erosion. Also, their west facing slopes get more good and strong winds whereas the east facing slopes get more of sunlight and warmth.

Due to its unique nature in construction, the Twin Peak Boulevard runs the number eight around the hills.

Even though both the peaks, together, are called the Twin peaks, they each have names. The north peak is called "the Eureka" and the south peak is called "the Noe Peak". There is also a very popular vista point which offers a fantastic and unobstructed view of the San Francisco bay and most of the State. The “Christmas Tree Point” is the name of vista point.

The top of the Twin peaks is, in majority underdeveloped. The Peaks of the Twin Peaks is owned by the San Francisco Recreation and Parks development and they have set up preserved areas as a home for many natural resources and wildlife. This is also one of the few places where the endangered species known as the Blue Butterfly can be found.

Lastly, the Twin peaks are not only the two hills, but the name also adopted by the neighborhood surrounding the area.

This is a fantastic and a great place for you and your family to visit in a holiday. This is a great tourist hotspot and a beauty in all regards.

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