It’s truly Asia–Malaysia


When looking for the best travel destinations in Asia, Malaysia should be on top among the options you will be forced to consider. This country has many tourist attractions that you will be happy to exhaust during your visit. Regardless of whether you plan to visit for a short period or in the long-term, there will always be something for you to enjoy. As such, this article will discuss some of the reasons why you should prefer visiting Malaysia over any other destination in the whole of Asian continent.

The hot weather that is widespread across the year is a great tourist attraction in Malaysia. Many tourists are always cautious against visiting European and Asian nations because they fear seasons like winter and autumn, but the situation is different with this country. As you will come to realize, Malaysia is always sunny and that provides the best weather for tourists to bask around. Temperatures are consistently average and even when the rainy season between November and March approaches it is more refreshing.

There are diverse cultural activities that define the country’s history which you can sample while in Malaysia for a visit. All these activities are planned and hosted by the country’s tourism ministry, thus it is easier to track when any of them happens. From the activities, you will get an opportunity of sampling what some of the major and minor communities have to offer culturally. The cultural activities have for a long period now acted as one of the main tourist attractions in the country.

The hospitality showed by Malaysians has attracted many tourists and you will be more than happy to experience that. Local people are very welcoming to visitors and have diverse languages spoken, meaning that you will not experience any communication barrier. With many tourists to the country coming from countries that speak English as their main language, stakeholders in the local tourist sector have made efforts to have the language spoken by many people. This has helped to bridge any communication barrier consequently attracting tourists who have consistently endeared themselves to the country for their holidays.

You will be happy in case you have ever been to a country where translators are used for communication. Sipadan is one of the recognized diving spots not only in Malaysia but over the world and will form a good attraction site. The fact that it is strategically located in deep marine waters makes it a very incredible spot for diving enthusiasts. You may not be a diver but the mere scene of divers doing their act will keep you busy and enjoying the stay in Malaysia. Another attraction that will draw you into visiting the country is the Taman Negara tropical rain forest.

The forest is among the world’s renown and you will have the privilege of associating with international history. Other popular attractions in Malaysia include Petronas Twin Towers, Mulu caves, good-looking islands and beaches, as well as different food types.

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