TRAVELLING: A Thirst which Increases After Every Quench of New Place

TRAVELLING: A Thirst which Increases after Every Quench of New Place

I am a frequent visitor of different places either alone or with my few best friends making each and every journey fantastic and striking.

This time we hit the lands of fort and stretch long over desert. I packed my bag and was ready to strike the never-ending desert land. I was suggested by many of my well-wishers and guide to hit the land in the winter season to experience the icy and frail desert. As per the plan, we hit the land in the month of January,2014. My mind was set to experience the extreme version of desert.

At the first sight of JAIPUR,the colored desert looks mesmerizing and beautiful. I was always very captivated with the stories of Rajasthan and had grown a desire to travel it once in my lifetime. With an endless list in my hand of varied places, I wanted to visit places such as Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Mt.Abu, Shrinathji, and the Pink City etc.

Beginning of the Trip:

My trip started after I landed in Jaipur, the PINK CITY. But I wonder why it is called the Pink City. To the ignominy of my thought, I found Jaipur dull and crowded. It did not inherit any smoothness of the city. I wanted to be in the integral part of the city so I’ve decided to take a bus instead of private car. The bus journey amused me a lot; the girls and women seemed to be very primitive. In the mean time, I encountered a marriage processing moving on a road; thereafter the girl sitting beside me with 12 years of age started a conversation with her partner sitting next to me, the conversation disturbed me. They wear talking about their marriage and wedding plans. This topic captured my mind; I felt that the only goal for them was to get married.

Escape from Shrinathji:

One of the most scared and religious temple of Rajasthan is Shrinathji. I along with my troop decided to explore the place but the scenario out there was terrifying, I found a crowd of no less than 1000 people waiting outside the temple and the door of the temple was closed. On satisfying my quench of query, I discovered that the door opens only for 15 mins in a day. The devotee rushes inside the temple crashing whosoever comes into their way. It was a situation of total chaos. But I was amazed to see the devotion of people and their faith on god.

Jaisalmer resembles as the land of Arabian Nights:

Jaisalmer was a soothing to our eyes. While  approachingJaislmer, we felt the true and rich taste of culture. The Jaisalmer Fort is a beautiful hevelis and a true specimen of IndianHeritage. The Camel ride was a kind of adventure for my pals and me. The next very important destination hunting in our mind was Udaipur mostly known as “VENICE OF THE EAST”. It is also known as the city of lakes. The city looks beautiful and enthralling. Other places like Bikaner, Pushkar, Jodhpur were equally interesting and beautiful enriched with culture and tradition.

My thirst of Rajasthan visit is not yet come to an end, I am sure to revisit the place soon again to enrich myself more.

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