Travel to Rome


Rome is a place for those yearning for spiritual release, for those who love history and for those, as well who are neither. You have completed your planning and costing of the trip and it is worth everything you have put into it.

The Pantheon

The Pantheon is truly breath taking. It is a perfect example of the Romans’ architectural skills. The way it appears in the middle of the city makes it hard for you not to bump into it. And once you see it you’ll be instantly transported back in time; imagining how the world might have been centuries before. The grandness of its size and its majestic aura are clearly visible. You can spend hours there looking at the beautiful ceiling, windows and the structure itself. There is no charge for admittance.

The Colosseum

Even those who haven’t been to Rome have heard of the Colosseum. It is the place where Romans used to socialize. There is a cost for admittance but the visit is well worth it not only because of the view but the environment lets you imagine what Ancient Rome might actually have been like. It is actually a ruin but a ruin which is well preserved.

Basilica di San Clemente al Laterano

The church is beautiful with layers upon layers of floors and paintings from different eras. You would think that it is only one church but there are actually three which are built upon one another. The architecture is, of course, beautiful and seeing such you want to continue until you see all of it.

Arcibasilica di San Giovanni in Laterano

This basilica which is the seat of the Bishop of Rome is one of the finest historical and the most religious sites in the Christian world, other than the Vatican, of course. The interior is beautiful and the statues are even more so, if that is even possible. A trip to Rome won’t be complete without visiting it.

Abbazia di San Paolo Fuori Le Mura

This papal basilica is a huge church, which is a place of spiritual release and like all buildings in Rome it is known for its architecture. It is worthwhile for visitors because of its convenient location and visitors could easily spend a full day here wandering the grounds and the buildings.

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