Travel to Philadelphia


The largest city in the state of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia has a lot to offers its visitors, from arts and cultures to local cuisines and historical sites. Its residents affectionately call the city “Philly”.Philadelphia is renowned for its wide display of art and culture, with numerous sculptures found in its outdoors as compared to any other American City. It was United States’ capital city before Washington, DC took over and is often referred to as the Birthplace of America with its name translating to “City of Brotherly Love”

Philadelphia like most cities in the United Sates goes through four different weather seasons, with the cold and snowy winters, the pleasant fall and spring season and the humid and hot summers. Visitors to the city get to enjoy a number of arts on display, most notably two statues of the Amazon and Rocky that are located outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the James Peniston’ Keys to the Community sculptor that features Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin Franklin was one of the founding fathers of the United States and the 6th president of Pennsylvania.

In addition to the public art, there are a number of museums that display the city and country’s historyas well as pieces from all over the world. Some of the museums in the city include the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Franklin Institute Science Museum, National Museum of American Jewish history,and the Rare Book Department of the Free Library of Philadelphia among others.

For  a trip down history lane, the city offers a number of historical sites such as the Fairmount Water works, the Independence National Historic Park that is home to the Constitution Hall (home of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution), and the Eastern State Penitentiary which is referred to as America’s most Historic Prison.

Come and enjoy Philadelphia’ cuisine, most notably the cheesesteaks which is Philly’s infamous homegrown food.  The city is also renowned for its soft pretzels, hoagiesthatare Philly’s official sandwich, and water ice. In addition, there are a number of restaurants and stands on the streets that will be sure to satisfy every visitor’staste buds with incorporations of the Asian and Vietnamese restaurants to complement its cuisines. For those with a sweet tooth, did you know that Philadelphia was once known as the Ice cream capital of the world? With this known fact,  you can be sure to treat your sweet tooth to some of the finest deserts to be had with particular emphasis on the Italian style water-Ice.

A t the end of the day, with the numerous shops and boutiques lining the streets, in addition to the live performances in music, Philadelphia is one of the must stop cities in the United States for visitors.

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