Travel Through Pokhara-Nepal


One of the largest cities of Nepal which was previously a monarchy, Pokhara is an amazing place for tourists. Like the main cities of Nepal, Pokhara is also dependent on tourism.

Avia Club Nepal

Love adventure? Love thrill? Want to get a rush of pure adrenaline and joy? Then paragliding is the best activity that can be offered. The experience here is an unforgettable one. The pilots are not only experienced but extremely friendly.

Poon Hill

The view from Poon Hill is truly magnificent, as the golden rays of the morning reflect upon the Annapurna peaks. A wonderful place to capture so many beautiful pictures! However the climb up is a bit difficult and it is possible to feel the effect of the altitude as the ascent is so steep. It is best to bring some food and water with you. It is the best place to watch sunrise and sunset.

Peace Temple

Don't skip going to the Peace Pagoda while staying in Pokhara. To get there you have to take a boat till you reach the downhill and then get down and start a climb. When you get there you'll enjoy the most beautiful view! Have a nice lunch up there and continue down to Devi's falls.

Phewa Tal

The lake is very charming; it is clean and fresh air because no engine boat is there. All lake boats are paddle boats that come in beautiful colors.
You may rent a boat with a paddle boy for fixed price or you may paddle by yourself if you can manage. Good choice for relax, romance, sightseeing, and sport.

International Mountain Museum

The museum is well done with a good collection of mountaineering objects and a very interesting section by ICIMOD upstairs. Ethnic section needs some new materials. This is a great place to visit if you have some extra time in Pokhara. It has lots of information about the Mountaineering and trekking history of Nepal. It has also a collection of many things. It is definitely worth a visit.

Maa Bindhiya Basini

While heading towards Sarangkot, you can visit this temple of Maa Bindhya Basini which is also known as Maa Vindhyavasini in India. It is a very nice temple with a peaceful surrounding. It is accessible after climbing some stairs and is totally worth the visit. There are some nice flower plants which add more to the charm of the view. It is one of those laces which people should absolutely visit. A visit with family will be great.

Barahi Temple, Pokhara

Barahi Temple is one of the attractions of Pokhara. It is situated in the middle of the Fewa Lake and it is extraordinarily beautiful. The colorful fishes found in this lake, the blue sky above and the sound of the ringing bell give a special and spiritual feeling. The sky looks more attractive when it's a clear morning.

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