Travel Destinations in Davenport-Florida

davenport florida

Even places which don’t have a lot of tourism ratings might have something that you haven’t experienced before. Almost all cities in the US have something interesting, where tourists can visit to make their stay worthwhile. Davenport in the state of Florida is one of those cities where the population is very low but there are some sites worth seeing. Should you or anyone you know find yourself in Davenport for some reason, then you might want to go to the places mentioned below for the sake of enjoyment.

Wallaby Ranch

Wallaby ranch is unlike any other place mainly because the people there are highly professional and polite. It is a sports complex where you can soar like an eagle thousands of feet above the ground. The food is also quite delicious. The view while soaring is absolutely stunning. It is near Disney Land, Orlando so if you’re on a trip to Disney Land it wouldn’t hurt to go here as well. The flights can get a little expensive but it is well worth the money because this experience is perhaps better than the Soaring ride at Disney. After the flights the staff which is courteous, invites everyone to breakfast.

Highlands Reserve Golf Club

The golf course is in great shape and is cheap. There are not many people around so you can take your time and work on improving your game. Don’t try to walk on the course because the heat is unbearable; you can drive in a buggy. The course is near the villas so if you’re staying at the reserve then it would only take a few minutes to walk home. The accommodations are great and there are few restaurants within walking distance. All in all, it is a nice place where you can stay and play.

Champions Gate Golf Resort

It is just a short distance from Disney World and is a nice place with a friendly staff. However, there are no trees so it’s burning in the day. In the evening the lights come on so you can play then. This one is quite busy but the activities are great which includes a pool.

Visitors Center

It is a small place but worth checking out. There is a mini golf course and a small museum collection. The staff is friendly and helpful; they are also quite knowledgeable and willing to share their information regarding the surrounding area.

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