Town of Oak Bluffs


Oak Bluffs

Located on the northeast shore of Martha's Vineyard Massachusetts is the Town of Oak Bluffs. The place was established in 1642 and was named as Cottage City in 1880, however due to increasing population and scenic landscape as an oceanfront resort, it was renamed to Oak Bluffs. Today it is considered as one of greatest touristic attraction in the US. Let's have a tour around, and admire the beauty and grandeur of the town, the most recommended place to visit.

1. Oak Bluffs Campground

It is impossible for a traveler to avoid visiting this astounding attraction. It is such a charming; calm and serene place that you would feel like staying forever and for the same reason it is ranked first by tourists. Early spring is the best time to enjoy its splendor when flowerbeds cover the surroundings and you can't resist capturing the beautiful scenes in your handy cams.

2. Ocean Park

Very close to the town across the ocean is situated the spellbinding Ocean Park. It is great sight with classic Victorian mansions and bandstand. Summer evenings here make a perfect combination with melodies from violin strains.  The lush green grass together with comfortable benches, the entire area is beautifully carved to sooth your senses.

3. Circuit Avenue

If you are interested in shopping, then mark your way to the Circuit Avenue to have a wonderful experience. The tourists love to come here not only because of shopping but to rejoice their taste buds with yummy and sumptuous cuisines offered by a series of restaurants here at affordable prices.

4. Joseph Sylvia State Beach

How can Oak Bluffs be not offering any beaches? Here you go to the Joseph Sylvia State Beach to have fun while swimming or biking. The beach with small waves; soft dunes and seashells treasure is so welcoming to make you forget all the worries. It is safe for elderly and children due to sweet and serene water tone and surely you can cherish ample moments of happiness with your loved ones.

5. East Chop Light

How can anyone forget visiting East Chop Light after landing to Oak Bluffs? This historic lighthouse is standing firm as a mark of glory and grandeur at a walking distance. The area is covered with lush green grass and it seems as if telling the lighthouse tale to its guests. You can definitely spend a calm evening here.

6. Oak Bluffs Public Library

If you are a book lover, this is your true destination. Located nearby Oak Bluffs downtown, it preserves valuable historic and modern books. Also, it serves as a great information bank with internet/wifi facility to the town’s residents.

7. Farm Neck Golf Club

For golfers indeed, this semi private golf course is heavenly. The beautifully paved course allows you to enjoy while glistening your game talent.

It’s been 150 years now that this town is a center of attraction for international tourists due to eye catching attractions; hospitable locals; and scrumptious cuisines and it will remain the same famous among future generations.

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