A Tour of the Kenyan Capital, Nairobi


A Tour of the Kenyan Capital, Nairobi

Nairobi is the Capital city of Kenya in East Africa. Other than being the country’s administrative capital, Nairobi blooms in both Romance and adventure. Founded in 1899 as a stopping point for railway workers under the colonial regime, the city rose to become the colonial capital of British East Africa and eventually the epicenter of the entire region. Today, the city conjures with fun, history and adventure that work in unison to give it life and make it an attractive tour destination. Additionally, the city brings together people from all religions, whether it is Muslims, Christians or Indians. As a matter of fact, Muslims and Indians have managed to create themselves exclusive locations where their culture thrives and spread.

Its attractions range from Karen Blixen Museum to the out of town, beautiful Ngong’ Hills. Even with its bustling life, the city has not failed in terms of nature. As a matter of fact, it is reputed as being the only city in the world that hosts a National Park. The Cosmopolitan City hosts Nairobi National Park that hosts the big five and hence offers an ideal safari drive. Lions, Zebras, Cheetahs, Wildebeests, Buffaloes, Rhinos, Giraffes and elephants are all hosted in the park. Imagine a city where you can interact with all these animals, not in a zoo but in their natural habitat. The city also hosts various animal sanctuaries from where animal lovers can cuddle with young elephants and interact with Giraffes. Additionally, the park hosts more than 400 bird species. At the park, visitors can see wildlife on foot and along the walking trails that surround hippo pools. Visitors can also interact with and even adopt elephants at David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Additionally, Nairobi offers a gateway to renown Safari Parks in Kenya. Such Safaris attracts thousands of tourists annually.

Nairobi also offers a rich history. Karen Blixen Museum is amongst the top attraction for tourists located at Ngong’ Hills foot. The museum offers tourists the opportunity to visit highly-preserved colonial farmhouse, kitchen, a coffee-drying plant, and agricultural learning institution. There is also the Kenya National Museum that hosts rich East African history dating from the post to pre-colonial times. The National Museum offers lots of educational opportunities in terms of cultural history. There are many stuffed animals; fossils obtained from Lake Turkana, cultural displays, as well as local art exhibits. The Museums also hosts a collection of minerals and rocks and offer a unique opportunity to get educated on tectonic plates and volcano life cycle. The Museum also hosts the Hominid Vault that brings together prehistoric bones and fossils. Adjacent to the museums is the Snake Park that displays live specimen of Kenyan reptiles.

Other than art works displayed at the National Museum, there is also the Bomas of Kenya that acts as a living museum and offers an opportunity to celebrate the colorful Kenyan tribes. Here, tourists can interact with Kenyan lifestyle, art, music, craft, as well as cultures.  It hosts recreated villages/homestead of Kenyan tribes that reflect their rich heritage. Additionally, each afternoon, there are traditional dancing performances in the theater.

Other places worth visiting are Ngong’ Hills, the nearby Great Rift Valley, and the National Archives among others.

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