Tour around the Famous Places of New York

Empire State Building in Newyork

The city of New York is an international hub of art and entertainment; commerce; finance; education; fashion; research and development. Famous for five boroughs, each having a separate county, this city distinguishes itself from the other cities of the United States. It’s a welcoming place for all, you will find people from almost all the ethnicity here, it’s a city of 800 spoken languages. Statue of Liberty;

Times Square; Wall Street and other famous sites are the greatest treasures of this city. With United Nations’ Headquarters, it’s the world’s largest platform for international diplomacy.  All these exclusive features of New York make it stand out on the international screen. Rich in touristic spots, it’s worth seeing indeed. Let’s have a quick tour around the famous places here.

1. Niagara Falls

It is nearly impossible that you are on your trip to New York and forget to explore the dazzling beauty of Niagara Falls. They tend to mesmerize and energize your senses, the falls are considered as a little heaven on earth.  Combination of three falls, appears as if the saluting the nature for its high end creativity. Here, you can definitely have a great deal of fun with so many sumptuous food points and shopping options. Once you visit this astounding place, you will wish to stay here forever.

2. Empire State Building

Regarded as the world's most renowned skyscraper, Empire State Building is in fact the pride of New York. If you are in the city for the first time, this building will be an amazing source of knowing what's going around. While taking its ride to get an overview of the city, you will definitely shout aloud, "Wow! That's amazing". However you must be cautious while stepping inside the building where you are not allowed to carry tripods, tablets, and have to undergo strict security checks.

3. The American Museum of National History

Founded in 1869, the American Museum of Natural History is worth seeing indeed. It is listed among the largest museums of the world and invites you to walk through the historical and natural happenings. Here, you will find the dinosaur fossil collections, an inspiration for Jurassic Park. If the Milstein Hall of Ocean exhibits aquatic history including  94- feet whale model, then the Gottesman Hall of Planet Earth showcases geological history. In the Arthur Ross Hall of Meteorites you will be amazed to find the unique opal collection whereas the Anne and Bernard Spitzer Hall of Human Origin will make you discover the evidences of human evolution. It is the same museum, a glimpse of which you have already seen in the movie, "A Night at the Museum".

4. NBC Studio

Don't miss the chance to visit NBC Studio; that hosts "Live from New York". You can get into the studio to be a part of your favorite TV show; walk through the corridors to see the filming spots and sets. Here, you can also come into contact with various famous national TV stars and celebrities like Norm MacDonald, Al Roker etc.

5. Central Park

Central Park is probably the greatest touristic spot in The New York City and your trip would be incomplete without visiting it. Once you are in the park, experience an amazing look around with a guided bike tour. You will definitely love going through all the details about his history; designing and other features this way. However to bike and roll, don't forget to reserve a spot 48 hours ago.

So what are you waiting for while being in New York, live the freshness of life and cherish your moments by visiting these amazing places.

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