Top Traveling Sites of Pakistan


Pakistan is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Apart from some issues with safety and security it is a diverse country with four seasons and gigantic mountains to open sea, cold winter to very high temperate areas and a variety and diversity in language and culture. Here we will have a quick look on some of the famous tourist destinations of Pakistan.


Each Pakistani you meet will help you to remember the old proverb that in the event that you haven't been to Lahore you haven't existed. The old city resembles a medieval ensemble dramatization, with steeds, jackasses and bull drawn trucks transporting everything from stacks of roughage to squares of ice. In the restricted avenues of the zest business, immense hessian sacks hold all way of lavish natural cures, including kicked the bucket hair from fresh corn for kidney ache, gum gems for back torment and tree husk for influenza.

The unimaginable Mughal structures of Lahore Fort and Badshahi mosque - one of the world's biggest - are must-sees; consume supper on the patio of the changed over Haveli Cocco's Den for a floodlit bird's-eye view.


Simply a short drive from Islamabad, this is a standout amongst the most critical archeological locales on the planet. There are 18 areas in the territory which are world legacy destinations, yet just 5% have been unearthed.

This is the district from where Buddhism traveled to the Far East - and Persians, Greeks and Hindus all accordingly left their imprint. You can watch the sun set from the remaining parts of a Buddhist religious community or meander through the avenues of an unearthed Persian city in the information that there are two more seasoned ones covered underneath.

The Karakorum Highway

Opened in 1986, the KKH, as it is affectionately alluded to, is the most noteworthy road on the planet, slowing down the Karakorum mountain- go and uniting with China through the Khunjerab Pass at a height of almost 5000 meters. It is the best way to the tourist attractions of the Northern Areas, yet arranging its curves and twists around unprotected sheer drops is an undertaking in its own particular right.

The street associates numerous towns whose just indication of modernization is the supported paintwork of Pepsi and Nestle that enhance the shops. Along the way you additionally pass a few hundred tremendously painted Bedford trucks.


In the lavish Hunza valley, the sluggish town of Karimabad is a tourist desert spring. The road that winds up to the old Baltit fortress is packed with shops offering nearby crafted works, for example, shawls and rugs, alongside neighborhood dried soil grown foods, obsolescent and gemstones.

There is additionally a spot cum-bookshop called Café de Hunza that serves true coffee: a treat for stimulant starved visitors. Come in spring for the bloom, or pre-winter to see the housetops lined with gigantic surge trays of apricots, tomatoes, pieces of fruit and spinach drying in the daylight.

Lake SaifulMulk

An elating jeep drive from the resort town of Narran (stay aware that "resort" in Pakistan implies a town with a couple of lodgings), lie the still waters and snow-topped heaps of Lake SaifulMulk.

It is no astounded that there is a story of pixies and rulers connected with the territory that might be described by a shawl-wearing aide for a couple of hundred rupees.

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