Top three hiking spots in the world

Himalayas Nepal

God has given this world never-ending treasure in the form of natural stunning structures that are not comparable to anything ever made on earth. It goes beyond the imagination of an engineer to construct similar structures. Mountains are one of those wonders created by God.

Summer and winter vacations are the best time for some climbing and hiking mountainous. These mountains do not only provide hiking but other activities like swimming, skiing and some adventurous rides to enjoy. Such places also have facilities like resorts and small restaurants to spend some quality time with family away from their routine life.

Himalayas, Nepal

The great Himalaya mountain range connects together a never-ending hiking and walking trails.While climbing and exploring Himalaya one will have the chance of a life time to interact with some of the ancient communities of the world. Himalaya covers lush green splendid valleys, scorched tall plateaus and implausible landscape. While experiencing hiking on one of the most dangerous, difficult and challenging mountainous range you can find people greeting you in a very traditional way.  It has some rough landscape which makes it more difficult for climbers to reach their destination in time and safely. Himalaya is also known for its wild life and people from diverse cultures. Mighty Himalaya inculcates colorful rainbow of adventure and fun. Nepal is home for eight largest peaks,which is every climbers dream.

Mount rainier WA, USA

Mount Rainier is the largest in Washington and very famous for hiking. Climbing this mountain is not possible without professional help and equipment; on the other hand it has paths made especially for beginners. It is the most prominent mountain in the states and known for its beautiful tracks. Mount Rainier is the highest in the Cascade Range also known for its volcano and glaciers at the same time. An American naturalist John Muir climbed the mountain in 1888 and wrote some views regarding his experience which are stated as following “ the feelings are unmatched and takes you high in the sky and you want to climb more and more, I am a proud man reaching the peak makes me so.”

Alps, Europe.

The Alps are the highest mountain ranges in the Europe. It covers many countries including Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany and Australia. Most of the travelers love to climb these mountains because of the beautiful sceneries of long conifers and Alpine peaks covered with snow exhibiting an amazing view of nature. Tourists come to climb these mountains to be exposed to adventure and the wild life inside the forests of Alps. Summer visitors enjoy swimming, boating, climbing and hiking. In winters people often enjoy skating, skiing and curling. There are many resorts for tourist to relax which includes Chamonix in France, Zermatt and Davos in Switzerland and Garmisch – partenkirchen in Germany.

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