Top Three Beaches in The World


World is full of natural exquisiteness and beautiful places to visit, high altitude mountains to deep oceans everything is a blessing, Summers are ideal for tourist to visit some attractive and adventurous beaches in the world and witness some heartbreaking scenes.  The long never ending white glowing sands and gorgeous splashing water seems like wrapping the entire world.

Baja do Sancho Fernando de Noronha Brasil

The world is full of exotic beaches, some world class eye catching beaches includes the beach of Baja do Sancho Fernando de Noronha Brasil , it is a complete tourist destination , a place to get relaxation in a place full of natural beauty , surrounded with green bed of plants and  long trees . It has a beautiful forest trail that you can’t imagine how beautiful and refreshing it is. A must see in a Brasil.

Snorkeling and swimming  with turtles is a breathtaking scene and an amazing experience to witness , people love going through this adventure and are ready to pay whatever money they ask for. April is an ideal month to visit this beach and to get the best snorkeling experience on a high tide which may go up to 30 meters and even includes a ladder to adventure with wild life under water including reef shark and turtles. The sunset is a romantic scene to live in, a perfect honeymoon destination.

Grace Bay Beach

Grace bay beach is the second best beach in the world; it’s a perfect beach for those who love to walk long miles in the energizing atmosphere and pleasant weather. A small resort hotel on the Grace Bay Beach has a Grace club superbly furnished with luxury living. Tourists from far away stay at this hotel when in Grace bay and feel, it has an amazing staff and makes you feel at home.

It has beautiful turquoise waters and silky sand which serves as a picnic spot and attractive place for children and an uninterrupted beach to walk on. It has clean and uncrowned amazing snorkeling beachfront with amazing offers for families and youngsters visiting the beach.

Flamenco beach

A beach with white sand, clean and clear water, quite and calm environment is the flamenco beach located at the island of Culebra. It is a worth seeing place. It is a family spot that provides you with all the luxuries and fun. It is not an overcrowded place. You can find stalls outside the beach for food and drinks. There is also a photo shoot area where you can click your pictures and have fun. It is a very beautiful place to snorkel, relax and rest. The most beautiful scene is the sunset; you see the sun sinking into the blue waters of Culebra.

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