Top Ten Cities to Visit in a Lifetime


The United States of America is blessed with hundreds of exciting destinations. Let’s have a tour around ten cities that are worth visiting when in the US.

New York

When we talk about USA, New York is the first name that comes to your mind. New York is also known as the ‘Big Apple’ where many landmarks could be found, namely:

  • Statue of liberty

  • Time Square

  • Empire State Building

Los Angles

It is a favorite spot for celebrities as mild breezes from Pacific Ocean wipes off all tiredness. Los Angles is popular for beaches (like Malibu or Santa Monica) and the famous town Beverly Hills where shopping on Rodeo Drive is awesome.


Chicago is called the ‘Second City’ due to its second largest population and size after New York City. You may witness various buildings in the skyline comprising shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, museums and variety of other spots for amusement.

Washington DC

Washington DC is the capital of the United States, where major political decisions are being made. Washington DC is the most visited place; it is the place where you can find various museums and historical monuments.

Las Vegas

Do you think you have a good luck? We are talking about Las Vegas which is famous for its casinos and gambling nights. But don’t forget, it is also famous for high class shops, restaurants and blockbuster events.

San Francisco

San Francisco welcomes the visitors by the golden gate bridge, and surely you shall be astonished by the natural beauty of the city. Napa Valley and Silicon Valley campers prefer to commence of journey from here.


Hawaii is an Island full of beaches and fresh air arousing from the waves of ocean. No doubt volcanic eruptions have shaped its beauty and the South Pacific culture has made it a paradise on the planet.

Grand Canyon

In south-west of USA at Arizona a Deep ravine of 200 miles is formed by Colorado River thousands of years ago. The Grand Canyon is a magnificent wonder and one of the most popular National parks in USA.


Florida is also known as Sunshine state. If you are planning to visit with family or friends then definitely you should visit assorted beaches, theme parks and for sure Disneyland.

New Orleans

People from different parts of the world have settled here, especially from Europe, Africa and Caribbean. You shall experience a mixture of cultures, food and art. Moreover, throughout the year various festivals are celebrated here.

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