Top Luxury Cruises


Luxury cruises are those which are exceptionally great at what they do. A luxury cruise does not only mean spending a lot of money but spending the money at the right place. These cruises have only one thing in mind when having you; it is your comfort and luxury.

These ships provide the best staff and service 24/7, they have excellent cuisines that make you realize what you have been missing out in your normal life, and everything that you could wish for. The reason they are luxurious is because they pay a lot of attention to minute details; details that eventually make your short stay an unforgettable one.

Luxury is not when you have to stand in line for a buffet but when the food comes to you in bed on a tray, luxury does not mean you have to sleep on cotton sheets but linen and silk, it is not luxury if you have wilted flowers in your room in the morning but when you have freshly plucked ones, it is not when there is an overcrowd of people but when you can enjoy with your family or alone in peace.

Below are some the luxury cruises that have been voted upon as the best in the field:

1) Silversea Cruise Lines

This luxury cruise has suites with ocean views and butler service. The butler service astonished some people but it is necessary that you get what you want at the time you want.

2) Regent Seven Swas Cruise Lines

These ships have suites of varying levels. Penthouse suites have personal butlers, and many other free services.

3) Seabourn Cruise Lines

Some call it mind reading while others call it the best service; here the staff is already aware of your wants and needs from your favorite dish to your preferred bath soap.

4) Crystal Cruise Lines

Your amazing cruise begins as soon as youngster onto one of these luxury ships. They have staff that predict your needs and fulfill your aim before you even ask.

5) Seabourn

They have small ships with the best suites. They are relatively smaller than other ships but have outstanding services. They also provide you with shore excursions at different places. They have one of the best dining rooms.

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