Top five Attractions of Christchurch


It’s time for a great vacation at the largest city of South Island, New Zealand, Christchurch. Christchurch is the most densely populated city of New Zealand with a lot of tourists’ attractions. If you are planning a vacation with a great experience, Christchurch is the definitely the place for you.Here are 5 places you can not miss when visiting Christchurch.

  • Willow Bank is the national park where you can meet New Zealand’s wild life from marine eel to agricultural livestock. It is the only place in the world where you get to see the great five animals of New Zealand. That stands for the country’s symbol: Taka he, Kiwi, Kaka: the bush parrot, Kea and Tuatara. Willow bank is a unique type of a wild park where restaurants and hotels are available for the tourists. So you can spend the night and enjoy the rhythmic sounds of the animals. Another big attraction of willow bank is Hangi dinner and Maori cultural show that is a specialty of South Island.

  • Black cat cruises. Akaroa harbor is the only place in the world where you can swim close to the dolphins, fur sealsand penguins. That is why it is considered a lifetime experience. Black cat cruises is an award winning tourism service that provides a worth seeing panoramic trip to Akaroa harbor in Christchurch contemporary to a fabulous swimming experience with Hectors’s dolphins. If you are in Christchurch, black cat cruises is not to be missed.

  • Antarctic Centre.  Do you want to enjoy Antarctica in New Zealand? Definitely you can,especially if it is a very luxurious one. International Antarctic center has a lot of fun to offer to its visitors like a 4D extreme cruise, a great company of blue penguins, shopping place, café and very exciting Hagglund Ride. So get ready for an Antarctic experience in New Zealand.

  • Gondola is a cable car giving you a ride over the city with a lovely 360° view. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the harbor, plains and Alps across the city. After having a wonderful ride the visitors can enjoy delicious food at Red Rock Café, shopping at Shop at the Top and the Time Tunnel. These are really lifetime experiences.

  • Christchurch Tramway is a unique ride in the city. The tram goes to different places in the city and you can witness the panorama of the Christchurch city. Tram driver is also unique in his nature. He is a driver cum guide who gives a detailed commentary to Tram’s pathway and the history of the places in the city. Tram has seven different stops that include Botanical gardens, Canterbury Museum, New Regent Street, Cathedral Junction, Arts Centre and Art Gallery. You can stop at any place.

Exclusive tourist’s plans and guides are offered by various services that will help you not to miss the heavenly sceneries of New Zealand. 

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