The city of Las Vegas is commonly known as Vegas. It is the most populous city of United States of America, located in the state Nevada. This city is famous for its spectacular and sensational casinos. Below are defined famous casinos of the city.

The MGM Grand

The MGM Grand casino is the largest casino of Las Vegas. You can find two huge and roaring lions at the entrance gate of casino. It is the best place for gaming and hanging out. It has more than 3500 slots and 165 game tables. The huge floor of MGM grand is always buzzing with excitement. It consists of many different and unique restaurants that provide you with delicious and gratifying food.


Bellagio is the most luxurious casino of Las Vegas. It provides it customer with immense comfortable and luxurious environment. It has a great game level that one cannot resist. The casino consists of rooms that give you a beautiful outer view no matter where your room is located in the hotel. The food served is awesome. The high society of Las Vegas is the only class that visits the casino and this makes Bellagio a casino icon of Las Vegas.


The cosmopolitan is built next to the city center. It consists of 2995 rooms. These rooms are big and offer a romantic environment. They consist of large terraces to make a better view. The location is beautiful and soothing. It is not a five star property but a great place for enjoyment and recreation. The gaming floor is crowded throughout the year. Cosmopolitan is a good place for newly weds as it provides a romantic environment.


This lovely casino was opened in 1989. Now a day it has become one of the huge hotels of Las Vegas. It is a full entertainment place. The lights give an extraordinary beautiful representation. The customers walk through a glass atrium. There is a waterfall by the side of a glass atrium that gives you a soothing feel. It is not only the outer look of mirage that attracts people but also its cooperative staff, hygienic environment. Wide and open rooms play a vital role in attracting the people to choose mirage as their destination. People from all over the world come to visit this huge and beautiful place and enjoy their holidays with full zeal and zest

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