Top 5 US Restaurants In 2014

The Elm Restaurant

United States of America has always been rich in offering and welcoming the new origins of taste and themes. Year 2014, like previous years brought many new places for fine, formal and casual dining. The recent rating reveals many renowned traditional restaurants sent in the rear rows by some new entrants, and newer restaurants with unique themes and unmatched taste peeped deep into hearts of US people. According to the recent online rating provided by accredited online sources following restaurants are the preferences of Americans:

Agricola Restaurant With its entirely unique theme, newer tastes and awesome way of presentation the Agricola has a distinctive position among the contemporary American restaurants. Formerly this restaurant used to be known as, “Princeton Restaurant” with old building at the same location. It is known to have an honor serving the great scientist Albert Einstein; who used to come here and enjoy his meals. The restaurant offers all the dining and sitting facilities according to the modern restaurant practices.

Restaurant Bar Sajor The restaurant Bar Sajor is another great symbol of modern dining art which is in fact a combination of customary dining taste and the contemporary and state of the art themes. The restaurant offers great deals of ultimate tasty and nutritionally enriched combinations of food. Its dramatic environment and eye catching location really attracts the diners from all over the states.

Restaurant Coqueta Barcelona is considered as new Florence and is famous for welcoming warmly the visitors from all over the world. The Restaurant Coqueta is one of the great attractions here. The sleek design of the building, ideally pleasant welcoming staff, the great taste and nutrition of food, excellent standards of serving and presentation and the fantastic location of the restaurant makes it different from others.

Daikaya Restaurant With a great golden theme, excellent sitting arrangement and sizzling hot servings of food are few recognized traditions of the Daikaya Restaurant. People come here with their families and friends to have an amused and tasteful food and they really do not return hopeless. The Daikaya Restaurant is affordable and provides a large range of aesthetically cooked, finely garnished, sophisticatedly presented and humbly served meals which everyone will definitely love to have time and again.

The Elm Restaurant Next in sequence is the Elm Restaurant which is famous for its special casual dining and diners’ friendly environment. The restaurant located at Manhattan Island is fully loaded with all modern dining facilities and has been renowned for having the most famous chefs of the states. The food served here is really scrumptious then anywhere in the US and prices are also reasonable. The specialty of this restaurant is that it serves everybody right from the legendary class to an average individual. It is appreciable and tactful handling of the seasoned and well trained staff that everybody goes from here with entire satisfaction.

Many professional chefs have started with their old customary styles but some modern ways of presentation and have attracted many Americans to their sponsored restaurants. Chefs of these top rated restaurants have thoroughly understood and targeted the taste buds psychology of the Americans and they have introduced many new tastes to leave them surprised and astonished.

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