Los Angeles

Are you curious to know about the best places in the US? Well, this world is huge and there are a lot of beautiful and splendid places to visit. May be you have visited many places like London, Paris etc. but have you ever thought of visiting the US?
I am going to list the best five places in the USA that you can visit if you are planning to go there.

The United States of America is a huge country with a heavy population and a lot of places to visit. There are many beautiful places including natural and man-made. These places include waterfalls, vast deserts and big cities. If you live in the US, then you are lucky enough. You don’t need a passport. You just need a car to travel and visit these beautiful places.

The New York City is considered the big apple. It is the first best place that you should visit. It is a city that never sleeps. It is very difficult to list all the places of this city that are to be visited. But for instance, you can see the famous Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Empire state Building and Times Square.

The second best place is the capital of the US. Yes, it is Washington D.C. This place offers many monuments including the Lincoln Monument, the U.S capital and the top of the executive branch the White House.

Los Angeles is one of the beautiful cities in the US. This city is the capital of the movie industry. This city includes the Walk of Fame and Boulevard. A boulevard consists of 2,400 stars implanted in the sidewalk. They are dedications to artists, musicians, actors or characters who played the best roles in the entertainment field. Also, in LA you can find the homes of your favorite actors or musicians. It’s possible that you meet them on streets.

Las Vegas is the famous city of the US. This city offers many activities of entertainment which include gambling, shopping and nightlife activities. You will never get bored in this city. This city is the entertainment capital of the World and it truly deserves this title.

The Niagara Falls presents the most magnificent example of waterfalls in the world. It is situated on the border between the US and Canada. Mostly in summer, at night this waterfall is illuminated. This gives an attractive and impressive view to the place. It is a source of inspiration for many artists and is highlighted in many movies.

New Orleans is also one of the beautiful places to visit. If you want to visit New Orleans then you should first go to the French Quarter. It is a national landmark and has many historic buildings. You will also enjoy the nightlife of the city. The bourbon street is famous for its bars and clubs in the French Quarter.

One would never ignore these beautiful places in the US. The US is the centre of entertainment as well as a generous place for Nature lovers.

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