Top 5 Dishes to Try in Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Honk Kong is home to the largest outdoor escalator and numerous skyscrapers. While there are numerous adventures awaiting you in Hong Kong, there is another thing that is bound to delight you. The culinary excellence of Hong Kong is one of the best and has to offer something that your taste buds have never tasted. Read on to find out top 5 dishes to try in Hong Kong.

Grilled pork neck cheese noodles at Sun Kee

Sun Kee is located in Tsim Tsa Tsui along the Kimberly Road. Surrounded by some camera shops it looks small in size. But it perfectly manages to attract attention because of its outer appearance. Its outer glass doors and walls are flooded with engaging pictures of celebrities endorsing their flagship cuisine the “cheese sauce instant noodles”. Grilled pork neck cheese noodles are amazing with evenly coated cheese all over.

Steamed flower crab

Check out the Steamed Flower Crab at The Chairman which is an incredibly popular 2 story restaurant. The food deserves a complete 5 star, and you can try this dish with aged Shaoxing wine and chicken oil. Make sure to reserve a booking at least a couple of weeks before you visit. You can also try out delicious soy sauce chicken.

Burrata cheese ravioli

Want to taste Italian while in Hong Kong? Well you should not miss out on Burrata cheese ravioli at Otto e Mezzo. Owned by former chef of Ritz Carlton, this restaurant is the first Italian restaurant outside Italy to garner 3 Michelin stars. The ambience is great and food is even more amazing.

Hot Pot, Megan’s Kitchen

Hot Pot is more of a tradition in Hong Kong during winters and is an absolute delight to your taste buds especially when having it in Megan’s Kitchen. Dip fish balls and raw meat into boiling vats of broth. You can select from a variety of colourful broths and this place offers three kinds of soup bases.

Snake Soup at Ser Wong Fun

How can you miss the Hong Kong famous snake soup which is believed to cure ailments and staying healthy? Ser Wong Fun has an experience of over 100 years in serving snake soups. Shredded snake meat is delivered in a broth of seafood, mushrooms and lemon leaves. You may find the place little packed but it is bound to give you a true Hong Kong experience.

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