Top 4 Seaside Camping Sites in San Francisco

Crissy Field

Nothing beats the experience when it comes to getting up in the lap of the sands with serene melancholy of waves and stunning views. San Francisco is a place where you can unfold any kind of passion be it shopping, adventure, holidaying and more. If you are heading for San Francisco, then you should definitely try seaside camping.

Baker beach

This beach is a great tourist attraction and also a local hangout place because of its stunning location and views. You will find picnic tables and grill setup near the beach where you can have a fabulous party. This place is just perfect when it comes to having a great evening with bonfire as there are various sections that accommodate more than 2 groups and provide ample space for all activities. In the beach area, you can easily click stunning pictures of the Golden gate bridge which is one of the most important landmarks of San Francisco. It is the perfect scenery for your camping trip. Besides, what could be better than camping right next to the Golden Gate Bridge?

Lands’ End

If you have one shot at camping in San Francisco then you must do it on this one. This is a perfect combination of camping and hiking. The best part is that this moderately difficult hike can be enjoyed by all in the family and is not very strenuous. After the hike, you can relax and camp near the clear waters while grabbing a bite. Not very far from the Baker beach, you can view the Golden Gate Bridge and the permanently bent cypress trees from stunning angles. So just grab your camping gear and head over to Lands’ End.

Crissy Field

Here you will spot some fitness bars which help you warm up and exercise. People who want to bring their dogs along can do so without any problems because dogs are allowed here. The lush green grass and benches make it an ideal picnic spot for families. If you like camping in a fairly crowded place then go for Crissy field as you will notice lot of energy and activity on the shores. You will witness some happy dogs and kids playing around. Crissy Field will definitely make your camping trip most memorable.

Ocean Beach

Running along the west coast of San Francisco, at the edge of the Golden Gate National recreation area, Ocean beach is incredibly famous in the Surfing community. Apart from surfing, the vast open area of the beach is extremely soothing and sets up a perfect atmosphere for camping. Especially, if you have a caravan then that would be an added bonus as you can carry all the important stuff and enjoy camping in a caravan once in a while.

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