Top 3 restaurants in LA

restaurants los angeles

If you are foodie and looking for some great restaurants in LA serving best of ethnic, sea food, continental and local food then I must say that you have landed to right place, please have a look at below options:

  • TroisMec:It was opened last year, i.e. in 2013 and TroisMec has not only provided the best food but also, the fun place to be in. The three chefs, namely, Jon Shook, Ludo Lefebvre and VinnyDotolo opened up a shop in the former home of tiny pizza joint (keeping the signage) in a crappy strip mall with no sign of their own, no telephone number or any hostess stand. Ludo here cooks best food of his career and this stunning food and the tiny jewel-box of a restaurant functions like the secret playhouse that the three chefs always wanted. The best dish to have here is White asparagus, oyster, bone marrow dipped in sauce gribiche. This place is located in 716 N. Highland Ave; Los Angeles.

  • Hinoki& the Bird:This is the best place to be in to try quaff cocktails and wolf down (delicious and awesomely crispy) fried chicken bits. There are elements borrowed from Japanese traditions of kaiseki, izakaya and omakase, it’s a western restaurant with eastern sensibilities and also, paying attention to more of eastern culture. The best dishes to try out here are: mussels in green curry covered with shaved cauliflower and punctuated with crumbled sausage dill and basil, another one in the offering is light citrus tang of the lobster roll and the roll is made black as soot with charcoal. Roasted yam is as sweet and decadent as dessert. Believe me if you land up here you won’t only eat it, you will smell it, feel it and breathe it. It is a lifetime experience.

  • Connie & Ted’s:The chef Michael Cimarusti along with his seafood pleases the people by cooking some of his best. The restaurant is named after Michael Cimarusti grandparents who took him to fishing as a kid and its tribute from him to them. Some of the known dishes to have here are: chowders and crabcakes, the boiled seafood dinners and fisherman’s stews of the Northeast. Other options to grab are: lobster rolls, fantastic selection of raw oysters and freshest fish cooked simply. There is enough space to be seated and one can enjoy the most beautiful ambience out there.

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